Experiences in October 2018

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Everyone's life has its ups & downs. Joys & sorrows are here for us all. Be Kind. XO

Recently our Son's, son made the Junior Football Team in his first year of High School. The team went on to win the Junior Football Championship in Sudbury. Making a junior high school team while in grade 9 is an honor & privilege & a real learning experience. We are so proud of him. He brings us great joy. His willingness to learn is such an asset for real life.

The next morning we had breakfast with my youngest brother & his wife. It was a real treat to have quality time alone with them. So often when we are together with family, there are so many of us our conversations seldom are completed.

The game we watched in Sudbury, brought back many wonderful memories of our High School days when Dave played Football & I as a cheerleader.

Recently, our niece, my sister's daughter has been to Germany 4 times for cancer treatments that were not available in Canada. Most times on arriving home to Canada, they felt a need for her to be hospitalized for various reasons. She is presently hospitalized in Canada now & too weak to make the next journey back to Germany for treatments. Her medications have caused her to be delirious, anxious & out of sorts. Her blood pressure is out of whack. It is so sad to watch this beautiful human go through such torture.


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner with our daughter, family & friends. We were assistant chefs to our son in law as our daughter was working 'til 7p.m. Shortly after 7:00 the bountiful, enjoyable feast began. A very enjoyable, heartfelt gathering was experienced.

We learned there is an agency in Canada, introduced in 1992 that can alleviate the financial stress that causes many people to become stressed & suicidal. I wonder how many suicides & heart attacks  & divorces could have been avoided if this information was received by the public?

We were educated about an agency called MAID. Medical Assistance in death. The lady telling me about this agency was going through the paperwork involved to put Medical Assistance in Death, in place for her husband, dying, slowly & painfully of cancer. Her journey with the killer (cancer or the cure) has been over a 2 year period.

We golfed our last tournament before the winter snow comes. The beautiful course was in Oakville at Tyandaga Golf Course. We had a wonderful time with friends on a chilly, eventually sunny day.

Marijuana was legalized in Canada. We wonder how this will affect us. Some love it, as they can make more tax dollars on innocent people.

We visited neighbors from our Falconbridge neighborhood. Brian & Diane have relocated 1 1/2 hours from us. Reminiscing & planning future gave us lots of laughs.

We visited our niece's new income property & saw all my sister's children. We love seeing people live their best lives now & planning for comfortable futures.

Life is a never-ending journey that changes from Day to Day.  Yes, CHANGE, with Joys, Sorrows, & Education awaiting us all, no matter what age we are.

Embrace & Enjoy NOW as that is all we may have.

The book " The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle" helped me wake up to the importance of NOW.

You may be interested in more education also. Much we are learning is online. Our Educational journey began with our mentors Jay & Stuart.

You may be interested in joining us on our journey of learning more.