How the virtues learned through failure equip you for a better life

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I have developed a new philosophy for my life these days: FAIL FAST AND LEARN. it has taken time coming but I finally get it now.

Failure is not bad as it seems it actually helps us build for better things. Gone are the days when I used to cry after receiving results on an exam I had not done well. In a rage, I would toss the paper in the nearby dustbin and hope to make it next time.

"I am not doing enough" so I told myself. Little did I know that therein those papers I tossed in the garbage bin lied my golden nuggets. In those papers or experiences, I was shown the qualities I needed to improve, the variables I needed to adjust were in those experiences therefore if I had taken a keep interest in what caused me to fail then I would have become a better person.

Alas, this is a lesson that took longer to sink in, I only realize it more these days. How I wish someone had pulled an ear or both of mine and shoved down this truth. Maybe I would be better off.

When you fail what should you do?

Stay down or get up and move on. Your choice affects whether its a good or bad failure. Yeah, there is such a thing as good failure, I can tell you what it means in a few statements.

Good failure is the kind of failure from which you learn and improve. Just because I don't know how to market now and I waste some money doesn't mean I can't do it better next time. However, the success of my next move is closely attached to how I treat the failure that I faced before.

On the other hand, Bad failure is the kind of failure that you don't learn from: there is always something to learn on every occasion you just need to open your eyes to see this. If for any reason you ignore the golden nugget in the experience then you may do the same thing and end up in the same area.

When I decided to begin my businesses, it was because of the following reasons:

  1. I needed to make an extra buck: the life of salary can be frustrating, there are times I get my salary and I get stressed instead of being happy. I look at how fast it's slipping through my hands. Obligations obligations. Wow by the time I am through its transport money I am left with for the next month. What a wonderful life this is.
  2. I needed to be independent: that is it I am over 27 I need to leave and get married but before I need to have some sort of income to do these things. At least so I thought. This pushed me to find nonconventional means since people were doing jobs I wanted to be self-employed.
  3. Wanted to discover my full potential: Yeah I am that guy who knows I can do anything so a mediocre life makes my stomach turn
  4. I decided to fail all the times before I hit 30yrs: because according to my life plan above 30 you should have experimented enough to know who you are, what you are good at and where you want to go.

For the record, I have failed in 3 businesses yeah 3 big businesses where I invested my life and sweat but it all went down and I learned lessons which are propelling me right now. I will just give you three and we will discuss more in the near future:

  1. You fail when you give up: hypothetically failure is that state when someone chooses to stop advancing on the road to success. This could be for many reasons or hardships, on those bad days when nothing seemed to be working the best I could do was just to sit and wait, after a while I quit and then only did I register a failure. Now I know, the strategy of success is the strategy of doing whatever it takes no matter how long it takes till you make it. 
  2. Basics first: when I failed I learned to learn to do the small things first. Reach the small goals first and not just jump into something without some experience. If I can multiply 1$ to 2$ then I can build on that. If I can't do that then I have a higher risk of disappointment when I try to change 100$ to 200$
  3. Learn the things that work and keep doing them: if I can get something that works after trying several times and getting different results. Then I would continue to do that thing for as long as it gives results. Sometimes we want diversity but its not always advisable. Do the small things that work well and you will get to the bigger ones.

There is such a place as success if not I would not be trying out new business ventures online. I am currently learning how to build an online business platform from a group of mentors I am part of. It is a gradual process but the pointers I gave above are the ones I am still applying.

Am I afraid I will fail? Well kinda, I have done enough failing to know how to avoid it.

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