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Failing Is The Best Thing You Can Do


Failure has taught us that we're doing something wrong. Something that hasn't helped us do or get to somewhere we want to be. It's frustrating, overwhelming and discouraging for most.

But what if we looked at failure as the best thing that could happen if we are trying to learn. Can you see where i'm going with this? If so then stop feeling sorry for yourself and embrace what you already know.

What I have learnt is that failure is a way of telling you that you're getting closer to answers, to what you want. It's a process of elimination. By it's very nature, failure is viewed as something negative. But it is that very negativity which makes us want to change that situation and you learn from your mistakes for the positive. If you make the same mistakes again then that's your fault for not taking that chance to learn, and that's when ego's and ignorance comes into play. And that's YOU. Not the situation itself. So take responsibilty!


DON'T be discouraged by failure. Failure is progress, and it's only defined by a standard or limit you've set yourself. One mans failure is another mans success.

If it's a failure to you, then it's just teaching you what to do, and what not to do to achieve your goals. It's not stopping you, only you are.

I fail every day to acheive what I want, sometimes more than others. The less I fail, the more I already knew how to reach my goal. The more I fail, the less I knew.

Let's break down those margins. FAIL HARDER.

All My Love, Mike.

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