Fishing fail!

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So I get asked by one of my best buds to be the best man for his wedding. So I have some time to think about what to do for this guys bachelor party. We have all settled down quite a bit and don't party as hard as we use to. We are all in relationships now so doing the crazy night out for one last hoorah didn't see quite as appealing. 

So I decide we will do a fishing trip. We going to go out on a charter boat out in the Gulf of Mexico. These guys have never experienced this kind of thing before. I have, so to say I hyped it up is an understatement, to say the least. 

These guys are excited. I am telling them how awesome it is to not even know what you could possibly catch till you get it to the top of the water. It could literally be almost any kind of fish. How you have never caught fish that fight like fish out of the ocean fight. I have 6 months of talking this crap up. These guys are watching videos youtube. The dock we are leaving from has camera's so they are watching what people are catching and bring in. These guys are excited! Hell, I am too!

So here is the weekend. We drive 7 hours from home to Corpus Christi, TX. My awesome wife found us an incredible place to stay. We get there it's right on the water. We immediately go buy some bait and fish right at the house. I catch a decent skipjack. We are catching a few fish so this just amplifies what we are about to do in a couple of days. 

The next day we mess around town and find some fabulous places to eat. Go fish at the jetty at Port Aransas. We don't have any luck at the jetty's but I have never fished the jetty's before so I don't think much of it. On the way back to Corpus we come across a billboard for skydiving. One of them is like hell we should just go do that. And it urns out we should have. That night we go fish at a lit pier and we are having some really good luck. Catching some speckled trout. Now these guys don't really fish but they are enjoying themselves. Still, all the anticipation is for the next day. But that night it was gorgeous with a big bright ass full moon!!! 

So we get up really excited.We get to the dock. They tell us red snapper season just ended so it will be just trying to land sharks, kings or whatever we can get to bite. We took about a 2-hour boat ride before we start fishing. There are like 40 people on this boat. We get to an offshore platform and we finally drop lines. 2 people at the back of the boat hook up. They bring in one shark and one King. It's ok but usually when everyone drops lines on these kinds of trips half of everyone will hook up almost immediately. So the captain moves us. No one is catching anything. We move from platform to platform and nothing. 

Finally, he decides we are going to try to fish behind the shrimp boats. I'm not sure if anyone has seen underwater footage of the feeding frenzy behind a shrimp boat but it can be pretty wild. So we drop lines right beside the first boat. I am a little hesitant because we feel really close and I have no idea how far out the nets stretch. So after we get behind the 3rd boat I am pretty confident we aren't close enough to the boat for it to matter, so I drop my line fast. At this point, we are about 4 hours into this trip and haven't got anything. My buddy's they already gave up. They are inside. I'm pissed. Then I hook up. This thing is taking a lot of drag and headed to the back of the boat. I am trying to hold on and find my way through all the people on the boat so we don't get tangled up. The deck hand is trying to help me get through. I thought I hooked something huge. 

We get about halfway to the back of the boat and I look at the deck hand and tell him that this fish isn't slowing down. Then it hits him. Yep! I hooked the damn net on the shrimp boat. He looks at me and drops his head and says "you hooked the boat". I look at him and say well you better cut this line cause that boat isn't stopping. Well, that got my adrenaline pumping and my buddy's excited for a good minute or two.  

All in all, we had a good trip. But all because of a full moon and the fish being able to feed throughout the night my friends never got to experience how much fun a fishing trip like that can be. Not sure that they ever will after that experience. And felt horrible since it was my idea for us to take a $115 boat ride. I learned a valuable lesson, though. Don't pay go fish the day after a full moon. 

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