From Personal Horror To Personal Freedom!

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Oh... Hello out there, I see you stopped by to glance at this post. Before you move on, I would like to share something with you that might interest you. I would like to talk to you about a a personal transformation , which at the risk of sounding conceited, in my opinion is absolutely astonishing. Now I don't say this to boast but it is something that may help just about anyone looking to transform their life. 

This is what i look like today. Smiling and Free from financial worries. Man you won’t Believe what I looked like before learning something that changed my life forever. I was totally stressed out. I had so much debt that United Nations was considering sending me relief aid, or at least i felt close to qualifying for that. I was such a mess that being mugged one night ( I live in Brooklyn) the muggers took one look at me and they gave me money! Check out this before photo!


Yes my friends I was a mess. I got to tell you the Dentist made a killing on me. But seriously folks, I owed over $20,000 on dental work alone!
And although I didn't really look like this picture, and yes i know, thats some scary photo! Something right out of a horror movie!
there were days i actually felt like this picture on the inside. Having to pay off credit cards with not enough income was like being trapped in a horror movie with no way out !

I had so much debt to pay off that even with my two jobs ,I still didn't make enough money to get out from under all my bills. One of my jobs, which really doesn’t feel like a job, is singing. I’m the lead vocalist in a Latin jazz group. And although I really love entertaining, I wasn't making enough money to make a dent in paying off my credit cards. The starving artist is not a myth. Let me tell you folks, i was at my wits end.

Thank God i came across this ad for Six Figure Mentors. (SFM)                Let me tell you i have always been Suspicious of any body selling anything on the internet. There are too many people promising to have the solution for whatever ails you with no legitimate answers, But Stuart Ross and his partner Jay Kubassek are the real deal.

They offer a revolutionary way of addressing the Digital marketing landscape that has been nothing but phenomenal!

They delivered everything that they promised. I not only have acquired an extraordinary education about the nooks and cranny of the Digital Marketing universe but have a successful internet business in place because of the mentoring,resources and community that the SFM program has provided.
But words can not truly capture the experience that the SFM system has afforded me. You would have to take a look under the hood of this fantastic program for yourself to see... what its all about, Alfie.

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