Get a taste of success.

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I bet that you have been walking around and seen somebody drive by in a really nice sportscar. Or maybe you have walked through a really well-off neighbourhood where people have beautiful houses, gorgeous gardens and luxurious cars. Have you thought to yourself, what are these people doing for a living?

That's purely natural and as human beings we admire others who are doing well. What if I told you that you can also drive a flashy sportscar or live in a nice home?

You might think, what is Richard telling me now. I have a car that I don't specifically love and my home is also not exactly a mansion. Well, at first what you can do, is go to a car dealership. Take a look around, sit in a nice Porsche, Mercedes or whatever car you like best. Take pictures of you in the car, remeber the feeling you get. You can even ask for a test-drive. The best part is that it's absolutely free. 

The same thing goes with homes. You can call up a real-estate agent and ask to get a tour in a beautiful home. Just like you don't have to buy every car you go see, you don't have to buy every home you go see. You just get a feel of how it is to be in a home you'd like to own, say 10 years from now. And when you get that feeling, and bring it with you to your every-day life, it's a great motivator and can get you through some hard times.

I have been doing this and can tell from my experience that getting a taste of success is a very effective way of getting into the right mindset to achieve success.

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