Getting your life back recipe!

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My big turning point that I thought I could be successful in my life!

I was coming from this 3-day event in Haarlem what was about a woman who had become a major success in her life. She came from a very hostile home situation.

I remember at first I was sitting there in the room with people I had never met but who all wanted to have that same success what the woman was talking about, she inspired me oh so much with her story I just knew I could do it after this event but I did not really know how to start but what she gave me was faith and trust in a way I can not describe.

She told us everybody is born with skills and talents to become successful. When we were a young kid we all believed in our dreams to become a pilot, princes or whatever dream you had, but along the way because of all the bad experiences what we go threw so is our true belief in ourselves.


Step by step it is disappearing for a lot of people and I was one of them. You could say now but I believe in myself, then I would say: Are you really? Are you doing the things you really wanted to do in your life or is this your ego talking? Ego is protecting us and we use it to not truly tell the truth to ourselves Why? because we are afraid and scared.

It's much more relaxed to sit back so then we do not make mistakes and we do not get judged by other people what they might think of you. The question is here: Do you live your life for your self or do you live your life for somebody else!

It was not that I was not happy at all but I kinda rested in my self that it was not going to happen for me anymore.


I buried my dreams and just got on with my life. Now I have ALL my dreams and goals back and nothing is gonna stop me now. I even listed them and that felt so good!
I just going to continue learning and educate myself and put that into practice. It is it is not as hard as you think it is. It is challenging yes but oh so worth it and a lot of fun too

I like to help people to get that belief back and get started like I am doing right now! It is not gonna drop out of the sky but I tell you it will change your life forever.


You just have to make a start and after that start, there comes step 1 and then step 2 and so on.....

I am a much happier person and ready to rock the world again! It changed all aspects of my life and my life is already a WIN-WIN situation.

So my question to you lovely people is what are you waiting for? The next train. Will it actually come? I have got friends from all over the world now! Still growing every day! So so worth it! 

Thanks for reading, Bless you!

Ingeborg Braas

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