How to have your fears work for you instead of against you

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One of the most difficult I had to deal with in order to become an entrepreneur was to be able to overcome my fears. This truly is the hardest part. Because depending on how you manage them, they will either work for you or against you. So let's see how you can have them working for you!

What fear truly is?

Without going into the whole chemical process that is happening inside with our hormones, let's just say that fear is what was initially there to keep you alive. When there's a danger, kind of a life threatening one, fear is here to "save your butt". It's this so called "fight or flight" response. Meaning when there's a danger, you run. And once you're safe, the stress goes back down and life goes back to normal.

The problem is that nowadays, the fears you have are usually not helping you. Especially when you want to change something in your life. Even more when you want to go big like building your life on your terms.

Why do fears get in your way?

These fears are usually the results of bad past experiences that have created a limiting belief in your head. Or they are based on your education, environment, or just the society in general. They come from your ego, which major role is to "keep you safe". And to do so it wants to keep you in this safe zone, this comfort zone that you are used to. A place where there is certainty. And it will do anything in its power to keep you there.

You know this little voice telling you that you don't have to start the gym today, that you can go tomorrow? Or this one telling you that you are not good enough to build this business and life? Or again, the one making you believe that you don't have anything to share with the world that is of value?... yep, all this is your ego doing anything it can to keep you where it wants you to stay.

Regain power over your body

That's why it's so hard to change something in your life. You have to get over these fears, you have to not let your ego, or subconscious mind, control you. The problem is that for most of us, we've been living that way for years. For years, we have developed habits that are so ingrained in our body that we do not realise we're doing them. That's when the body takes control over the mind. And that's why it's so hard to make a change. We have to break this so that the mind becomes the master again. And that comes through practice.

How to overcome your fears?

What I have found is that the more you practice the easier it gets. Until you get to the point where you actually start enjoying feeling this fear because you know you're about to reach the next level in your life or business.

At the beginning, it was pretty painful. It was like having to break through a wall without knowing how to do that. Until I understood that the only to do it, was to let go. I had to surrender to this fear. I had to feel it but keep going with what was scaring me. When you let go, you get rid of the resistance. Only then do you realise that it really is all in your head. You also feel way lighter because the resistance isn't there anymore. You allow yourself to just trust the process. And things become easier from there.

My personal realisation

What I really have come to realise is that our fears are actually an amazing indicator of where we stand. To me, feeling scared of doing something, especially when it comes to my business, shows me that I just need to get through it. And I know that once I'll have done it, the fear won't be there anymore and I'll have reached another level.

I also know that the only way to get rid of the fear is to actually do this thing that scares you. Because it's the staying stuck where you're at, with the fear, that will feed it. As soon as you start moving forward, the fear will disappear. As they say "feel the fear but do it anyway"!



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