Here is a new blogger today!

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Hello there. I am a new blogger today! This is my very 1st blog. I thought I would start out and just tell everyone about myself. A little back ground if you will. 

I was born and raised in Odessa, TX. Home of the Permian Panthers, if you have ever read the book "Friday Night Lights" or seen the movie, that is my little home town. I graduated from Permian and our last state football title was my sophmore year 1991. I moved away a couple of times after graduation but something has always drawn me back.

I'm married my best friend who I graduated with but did not know in school. We actually met about 2 years after graduation and have been unseperable since. We have had our bumps like any marriage I suppose but we see things through and have been married for 20 years. We have 2 boys. The oldest is away for his first year at college and the youngest is a sophmore at Permian. We have 3 Yorkshire Terriers and they are really awesome dogs. I never saw myself as being a small dog lover but these little dogs have such unique personalities.

My wife worked her butt off while raising 2 boys and graduated nursing school. She absolutely loves the care she provides. She is an ICU/CCU nurse. I am very proud of the accomplishments she has made. I really enjoy hearing her talk about the little difference she makes in peoples lives. You can just tell in her voice the passion she has helping people. She is a very talented woman married to a red neck plant operator. Not sure how I pulled that off but this guy did. 

We have plans to move away after my youngest graduates. My wife loves the beach and I love to fish. Now my wife loves to fish as well but I plan on kayak fishing. I haven't quite convinced here to go with me but she does like to kayak as well so I am sure she will be with me when that time comes. 

I currently work in the oil field. That is what drives West Texas. I started out as a mechanic and eventually ended up as a plant operator. With our dreams of wanting to move I know that with my skill set will limit us on where I can work and the money I will make. My wife, shoot, she can work anywhere as a nurse. So I have been looking around for opportunities to increase my skill set and give me freedom. So I can live where I want how I want. I have had several ideas lately that can do that for me I just need to figure out the action to work towards these ideas. I came across SFM and this will give me unlimited potential. All I have to do is hustle. This thinking of ideas led me to being a new blogger today.



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