Here's Why Nobody Is JUST A Digital Marketer

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Nobody is just a digital marketer... So what am I? Who am I?

I'm an artist... Not like Picasso or Monet. I'm a music artist. Specifically, a Hip Hop artist. I've been an artist since the turn of the century. Sounds like a long time, hu? Especially if you're a millenial. But I started out when I was a kid. I was young and passionate. All I've ever wanted to do is live my dreams of creating and writing music, and then sharing it with the world.

Why does this even matter? Well, because if digital marketing was my dream since a teen, I would probably be a very boring person.

I mean, honestly, who gets into digital marketing for the sake of digital marketing? If you ask every digital marketer, each and every one of them will give you a story of who they were before digital marketing. And it will have absolutely NOTHING to do with marketing products or services online.

Now that the internet being the biggest thing since sliced bread, of course almost any business you can dream of having will -- or at least should -- involve digital marketing to some extent. Even the largest companies in the world long ago began putting more and more of their resources towards digital marketing, social marketing, and advertising to the more than 3 billion people who are now using the internet. 

But come on, let's face it. You are NOT here because your dream is to be spending all your time online trying to get people to buy stuff from you. But you ARE here to put some extra cash in your pocket or even more create some time freedom by replacing your dead end job -- which you should appreciate having by the way (for now). 

Look, I get it! I love music! And there is nothing I want to be doing more than writing music and living in the studio. Or going on world-wide tours until I lose my voice and my face muscles hurt! But how can you or I do any of that if we're working 40 (and often much more for some people) hours a week and getting home so unmotivated by the beaten the job gives us that we fall face flat on the couch or bed. Listen, I love Walking Dead, but it's not going to pay the bills.


So yeah, we, as digital marketers dream to do MORE. Some of us dream of being with our children all day or having multiple play dates every week with our spouse or significant other. Others of us dream of starting innovative companies or taking a chance on that invention idea we've always had. And some of us actually (sometimes naively) dream of CHANGING THE WORLD! Or even worse, saving it.

Well, good luck with that! I was actually one of those. And I haven't changed all that much other than the fact that I now realize that the best thing I or any of us could do to change the world is to change ourselves. We should be our own saviors before we put the cape on and try to fly off of the empire state building. Don't you agree?

Really though... So who are you afterall? What are your dreams? Those things -- your dreams-- have the power to transform your life around. But first, you'll have to find a vessel. 

Simply put, you will need a WAY to get from here to there, regardless of where "there" is to you. Digital marketing is one of the most powerful vessels I have found. And I suggest to you that you not give up on the possibility of acheiving some major goals in your life by first using this vessel.

No, actually, I freaking DARE YOU you to quit! You'll forever regret it, because the internet is ONLY getting bigger, faster and better. And there is enough room for all of us. Trust me on that. Why? Because people don't even take the first step, never mind the second and third. 

YES, you CAN use digital marketing as your avenue to make extra income or replace your other income, so that you can pursue the thing you love most. You'll need a mentor, a team, a proven and sustainable system, some knowledge, self-development, tools, strategies, techniques, and last but not least, some money and time. 

Oh wait!!! Did I just scare you? (Laughing out loud) Listen, we all know it's not easy. But, I promise you this one thing. It IS simple. But only once you have all the things I just mentioned. All those things could drive you crazy, but here the KEY....  Drumroll please...

You can find it ALL in one place! And that place is why I am here writing this article to you. 

I wish I found this place years ago!

Good luck! No, actually, you're welcome. Now, you have the power to create your own luck.

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