How the laptop life is changing my life.

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I have written many articles since I begun this online journey and I have begun to see results in my life doing this laptop life. I am thankful because the concepts I have learned and implemented have begun to show a shift in the way my life is progressing.

I hope I have not come off as one who has already established oneself to a level I am not. I am still working a job 9am-5pm and I enjoy it while it lasts. As you know jobs are life shoes they wear out. They can't be yours forever.

Today I had to run a serious errand, my parent is not well and I needed to take a day or two off to take them to the doctor. If you know about these hospital things you know how consultations can take a long time to get done. 

I am among the lucky people that my boss is understanding. I thank God for that, however, I think in my heart about those who are not so lucky how this could really be a spoiler for their day.

I am personally transitioning from the corporate lifestyle to the one where I am self-employed and I can work from anywhere. You should see the smile on my face right now. I am busy creating content for my readers while waiting for the doctor to call us in next. Isn't this amazing? I get to do two things at a go. Something that is not possible if one keeps on thinking the same way.

Today I will keep the article short and simple because I need to pay attention to family. It is very important and it is a big part of the answer as to why I choose this kind of lifestyle.

You can also begin to implement this type of lifestyle. My ads are working, my leads are flowing in as I sleep. This is my story. I am not telling you something I have heard somewhere and that I am just regurgitating. Soon I will be able to move towards days where paying expensive bills will be nothing that causes everyone a headache.

If you want to make some simple steps towards this kind of lifestyle. If you have the same pain as I do due to lack of time, please click the banner below to get started on your journey today.

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Till later!

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