How to achieve your goals and smash it!

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There is no question about it, we must set goals in any area of our life where we want to achieve any kind of success.

If you think of a goal as a destination and life as a journey, it becomes apparent that without a goal of some sort you are likely to be directionless. 

Can we have a bad goal?

I believe yes, as goals can't be vague and hazy. There is so much more in strategy and goal setting then visualizing it and waiting for the manifestation to take place. Don't get me wrong feeling that we have already achieved that goal and owning it is an important part of that journey, however, there are few steps that can spur is in a right direction.

Let's look at some ways in getting us closer to that what we want


Firstly, you must be clear on your "why" behind your goal. Why do you want to achieve that what you have set yourself to get? What is the purpose? Trust me, you will not get up at 5am every morning to do anything that doesn't have a firm why behind it. Good way is to create a vision of where do you see yourself in 1 year time or 5 years time. Close your eyes and picture yourself of where would you like to be. Are you surrounded by family or are you travelling? What do you want from life and how do you see yourself? Very important first step

Secondly, make a plan of action. The plan acts as a bridge between where you are right now and where you would like to be. The best plans are usually made with lots of little goals that will act as a stepping stone to a big goal. One of my favourite sayings is "Little by little makes a lot". Think about what steps do you need to undertake in order to take you closer to that what you want. Create yourself some more free time, learn a new skill, gain some more experience. If you want to write a new book, set yourself a goal to write a couple of pages every day. Make the goals easy at first. Now, this is where the importance of your "why" comes in and having a vision as when going gets tough that will keep you going forwards.

And lastly, believe in yourself even when things are not going according to the plan. Believe in your dream, have faith. Without directing your thought towards success its hard to achieve anything. You are stronger then you think so never doubt yourself. 

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