How To Assess The Right Opportunity?

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“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity, but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later.” - Richard Branson

How many of us have been waiting for inspiration or looking for the right opportunity for all future time?

Most of us do it, but what we are truly looking for is a sense of direction, an opportunity where we can take control of our lives, achieve our dreams, motivates us and set us on a course that will undoubtedly open more doors for us.


I was born in the fifties, from a conservative family in Mexico. Back in those days, teachers and parents had narrow expectations for girls whose destiny was to get married, have a home and a family, with work just an interim measure between leaving school and marriage, rather than a career.

We dedicated our lives to our marriage and family. The running of the home and parenting solely as a woman's responsibility, expecting meals ready when the husband return from work, making all the household decisions but frequently proved, at least for me, a challenging way to live.


I decided it was time to find an opportunity that provided fulfilment and purpose after my sons left home.

Finding an "opportunity" is just a general term that we all use. I would say it is more like shifting responsibility and taking charge of our lives. We are born with a unique fingerprint and have the freedom to choose our destiny.


When I found the ideal opportunity, I thought I was ready. I started two businesses but failed in both of them. My internalised feelings of self-doubt, lack of confidence and more importantly whether I felt worthy made me reflect if I could build a successful business.

It is so easy to become overly caught up in negative thoughts, which left unchecked, can spread to all aspects of our lives. The most critical thing I needed to challenge is how I felt about my ability to succeed.

I engaged in personal development to unlearn old beliefs because what determines a person's success is the mindest. Our thoughts and feelings have a direct impact on every decision we make.

Mindset appears a seemingly small thing, but it is essential to get this key ingredient right. It makes a huge difference. The mindset accounts for the primary distinction between those who succeed and those who do not. And, if we are serious about achieving success in any area of our lives, we must learn to master ours.

My first step was to develop healthy self-esteem. A strong and positive mindset is an essential tool which affects our daily self-dialogue and reinforces our most intimate beliefs, attitudes and feelings about ourselves.

I decided to observe my mind vigilantly and plant seeds of positivity and inspiration, it has not been an easy job for me, but the following reasons have been helping me:


  • People who find success have a growth mindset. They believe they can develop any skill over time through education, experience, and mentorship.
  • They embrace challenges. Failures only mean lessons to learn; understanding that they can do better the next time, and say to themselves; here is my chance to grow.
  • They focus on the growth potential and recognise they are getting out of the comfort zone.
  • They concentrate on the process of bringing success; they put themselves in the right mindset to spot opportunities. They put the time, effort and commitment and act upon them.


  • Opportunities are in front of us, but we are blind to them. Fears and doubts block them.
  • Most people are trained to look for jobs, a job is necessary but finding the right opportunity will motivate you and will set you on a course that will inevitably open more doors.
  • As a would-be-entrepreneur, we need to identify what we want is a promising unmet desire.


The opportunity must feel right, and you must feel you are capable of achieving it. It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks. Our beliefs, attitudes and biases naturally affect the way we process information and experience the world around us. Having an optimistic mindset increases the likelihood of formulating a winning perspective and achieving long-term success.


An excellent opportunity comes by being adequately compensated for your work, product, or service, however, beyond that essential benefit, your business venture must support your mission, your passion, your purpose and provide joy at the same time.



Knowledge is power. Carefully examine any business opportunity you are considering. Everything you ever need is easy to obtain. Make sure you have all the information you need to make the right decision. Be clear about your goal.


With drive and determination to achieve a vital objective anything is possible. Commit to achieving whatever you desire. Our passion will drive us to overcome any difficulties.

Our power comes from directing our focus to a higher purpose. Work with conviction and avoid dwelling on past circumstances.


Our path to success will include setbacks, no matter what goal we seek to achieve.

Many people after facing hardship, tend to feel justified in succumbing to defeat. I did it in the past, yet, the capacity to move through is a true testament to the power of a resilient mindset.

Get through the rough patches, develop a thick skin, learn and meet any difficulty.


Sometimes, it's not about whether we have a great idea or that we don't believe in our dream. It's a question of what we're willing to do to get through the tough times and make it work.

Keep in mind what is possible. If you have a great purpose, a huge dream you will be willing to do the work.


Some opportunities are riskier than others.

  • Does the business venture require to lay out a lot of cash upfront?
  • Will it strain your resources?
  • Will it take time spent with your family?
  • Can you live up to existing commitments?

There are a lot more aspects to assess, but the vital thing to consider is what might happen if things don't go as planned.

The success or failure of your opportunity depends on you, your commitment to your business and the level of effort you put into it.


How does this opportunity fit in with your mission, your goals, your vision? Do you envision this opportunity as a long-term goal? Will it help support you for the rest of your life?

If it doesn't move you toward fulfilling your vision and purpose, you might want to reconsider and continue doing some strategic planning.

Over a year ago, I started looking for an opportunity. As I am my husband's caregiver, help our son and grandchildren, have two sons and family in different parts of the world. I needed to find something that gave the flexibility to work wherever I am and attend to my family.

After doing extensive research, I found what I was looking for; It is all about educating people by using systems and technologies, offering business opportunities to accommodate different guidelines for each person.

If you are interested in some free tutorials to help you make an informed decision of whether or not this opportunity is for you, then register for more information, we will be glad to send it to you.

I Hope this information has been helpful to you and please share with us your ideas, points of views, or recommendations. I would love to hear from you.

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