How to Be More Productive on Daily Basis

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In this article, I am going to share with you the daily habits that allow me to be more productive. I can now achieve any goal I set for a specific day. So read on to discover how this method benefits me on daily basis and how it can help you to focus on what is very important to you and what has to be done as a priority.

  • Define maximum 3 daily goals

At the beginning of the day, ask yourself: "what are the 3 things that I can do today and by the end of the day I will feel very happy about getting them done". Once you get the answer, write those three tasks down and make them your priority. Before, I would put almost a dozen of daily goals. I didn't prioritize tasks, I just wrote what comes to my mind arbitrary and then tried to achieve as much as my brain can handle. But then I discovered through a very special mentor who is called Stuart Ross that I should assign only and maximum 3 tasks and that made all the difference between a normal day and a very very productive one. 

  • Wake up early

Waking up early has a lot of benefits. I believe everyone agrees with me, well at least the go-getters and the achievers. When you wake up early, you can take a cold shower, have a big healthy breakfast, listen to some music or read or do whatever you like doing. The point is, even if you want to go to your 9 to 5 daily work, you have your own time in the morning so you can plan the day ahead rather than waking up on time and speeding and rushing things to get to work few minutes before your meetings. I have tried both ways and believe me waking up early is way better for your health and your mind and makes you way more productive.

  • Visualise your goal

If you ask a leader how did he get to his goal when it looked very hard and nearly impossible, he might say that he visualized it before it happened. My personal goal is to get back my FREEDOM from work so every day when I wake up and before I sleep I do the exercise. I imagine how my mornings would be if I am a digital entrepreneur, I would wake up early without an alarm (gosh the word alarm is alarming and stressful :). I would listen to birds singing in the yard I would hug my girlfriend/wife a long long hug and I would eat a big healthy breakfast. After that, I would focus on my digital marketing business. Visualising your goal will give you the energy to get things done and be productive in everything you do in order to achieve your goal and passion.

  • Do the reverse gap process

By this I mean, see yourself where you are now and what your life looked like, 6 months ago and then 12 months ago and be grateful for whatever happened in your life whether it is a bad thing or whether it is a good thing. They say being grateful increases happiness by 25% and it is very simple to apply so I recommend that you start doing it. If you are happy your mind works better and it will reward you with productive results and great daily achievement.

  • Take care of your health

They say, your mental health is very related to your body health and I believe in that, because when I do sports for example jogging and when I finish my 1 or 2 hours session, I feel a lot better, and I feel that the stress has gone. What do I need more? Take care of your health and body and you will be amazed by the results.

  • Love what you do until you do what you love

This is very important, If you don't love what you do right now, it might make your path more difficult and your ride bumpy. So try to put your energy and your heart into your current job, get things done and in parallel find your way to your passion and the more productive you are in your current job the faster you achieve what your passion, whether it is marketing or online business or music...

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