How to Create a Sales Closing Process Which Generates Leads & Revenue - Part 3

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Friends, with your Sales Funnel and Auto-Responder in place let's focus on your product or service offers. While their is an infinite number of items which may be offered they generally fall into a 3-part sequence. While you are initially building trust as you convert prospects into custoemers it is best to begin with a "Low-Ticket" offer such as $50 USD per monthly - ideally as a recurring subscription service (which yes, may be cancelled at anytime.) These customers subsequently receive a follow-up email for a "Mid-Ticket" offer (e.g. several days after their first purchase ... at an incrementally higher prioce such as $400-$600 USD.) A subset of perhaps 3%-5% of your first-round customers will purchase. Assuming this second offer provides real value the stage is set to to offer a "High-Ticket" offer - perhaps in the $1000-$2000 USD range which will be purchased by some 3%-5% of your "Mid-Ticket" loyalists. There are many variations on this process but the key is to continuously offer "value" to your trusted customer base with which you have built a virtual but strong relationship. Sign-up for our free trial by clicking here today ( Be back soon ... Lawrence, Internet Digital Entrepreneur

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