How to Generate Multiple Internet Income Streams – Step 2

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In Step 1 of this series we discussed generating your foundation of a six figure Internet income via monthly subscription fees. Are you ready to move up the food chain and produce a 2nd income stream? Assuming that the 1st income stream generates about $4k USD per month let’s focus on adding another $4k USD in income by selling what we call “Mid-Ticket” (M.T.) items – most commonly a $200-$500 USD average selling price (ASP) information service such as online teaching or coaching programs from which you receive a 50% commission. Broadly speaking, if you sell an affiliate subscription service to 1000 people monthly let’s assume a modest 10% of these subscribers purchase your Step 2 “Mid-Ticket” service. Once again, do the math – using conservative numbers – and you can easily see the incremental income potential. Prospects for Step 1 subscription services frequently can make a nearly an instant decision. Your Step 2 M.T. prospects may take a little longer to make their buying decisions. Nonetheless, your commission income is quite achievable. Let Internet Digital Entrepreneur help. Click here today (, register for our free 7-part video training program (see video #5 for all the details) and you are one step closer to your journey of financial freedom.

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