How To Pick The Best Online Advertising Platform

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I have been completely overwhelmed with the task of picking the perfect online advertising platform. I need to ask myself what my perfect customer looks like, where they hang out, what is my budget and how can I maximize my return on investment. Yes, just a few things to consider, right?

So, I have been looking at major platforms out there and would like to share my findings with you.

Google or Bing

Service providers can have a great return on investment when advertising on search engines, as the customer already searches for a specific service. Pulling a customer in with a catchy phrase to open the ad (pull strategy) will most likely get them to a click to a website or even a lead. The most important thing when advertising on these platforms, however, is that the target audience needs to be clearly defined with specific keywords, otherwise your ad will float around the internet with no good audience to target.

Google Display

If your ideal customer won’t look for your product or service, but you are convinced that they need your product, another advertising strategy is the Google Display Network. You can target potential customers when they are browsing the internet. The display network distributes your online ads across websites that your customers might be interested in or that are related to what you are offering.

This is called a push strategy, as potential customers are exposed to your ads while they are browsing the internet. It brings awareness to your product and if you have a memorable advertising you can generate conversions.


Advertising on Facebook is first and foremost passive. Nobody is actively looking to purchase something on Facebook, but if you have a great product or service, you can get people’s attention. You must mesmerize the users by interrupt them with something funny or interesting but be advised you need to capture their attention within the first 5 seconds before they lose interest in your advertisement.

With Facebook advertising, you can target customer profiles by interests, gender, age, education and other potentially relevant criteria. As Facebook collects so much Data about their users, it can come handy for targeting your specific marketing avatar.


Yes, it’s true you can even do advertising on LinkedIn. Business-to-business (B2B) services or products are most likely best served with advertising on LinkedIn, which can target specific professions, hierarchy levels, employees of a specific company or industries, just to name a few. If you don’t have a LinkedIn account yet, you might want to think about it and get your business expanded in the professional world!


People watch nearly one billion hours of videos on YouTube daily (per YouTube Press), therefore you guessed right, YouTube is a perfect way to advertise your product or services! I don’t want to bore you with the different ad types as you can look them up right here: 


I want to point out that you need to capture the viewers’ attention (as with Facebook) before the five-second skip button comes on! Yes, it’s a daring task, but with some practice (or hire somebody) you can get your message across!

Writing out these points, I thought I would be able to make up my mind of where to start, but I’m still not 100% convinced. So, is it now because I don’t know which one to choose or are my thoughts holding me back… I guess only I can figure that out. What will you decide on??? Share and let me know!

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