How to Start a New Career at 55

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To start a new career could be the best you ever have done

Start a new career and find the joy you always have been searching for. How many are not struggling through their lives just to make a living? In many ways, the old traditional thinking is destroying the happiness we all deserve during this short time on earth.

Not so long ago, people were “brainwashed” to spend their entire careers in one company at the same work position. Times are changing, and today and at this age, the sense of certainty seems all but gone. The contemporary business landscape shows an entirely different and not so comforting picture.

Under these circumstances, it’s perfectly understandable the disappointment and, in many cases crisis, if you lose your job around the age of 50 or 55. It’s rare to find new opportunities, and retirement is still far away.

Many believe that their best days are behind them, and the options to start a new career are painted in black color. In the contemporary business world, where digitalization is literally changing everything, the age is less important. It can even be an advantage to have all the life experiences coming with age.... read more!>>

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