How To Start With Digital Marketing

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In this article I will be talking about how you can build a solid digital marketing foundation, so read through the steps and try to implement them as soon as you can.

1- Build the foundation for a successful digital business

The first thing you need is a great mindset. Your priority goal should aim always to provide value to your market. When providing value you build a long-term relationship with your audience and that my friend is priceless. 

On daily basis, you should learn, do and teach. So whatever you learn today, try to apply it immediately and then share it with your audience and target market. By the way, this is what I learned to do since I began my journey.

2- Track your campaigns

Learn to track your own campaigns before you begin to advertise. This is critical because for each promotion you make you should know what is working and what is struggling. In affiliate marketing, you need to know where your leads come ? do they convert? if no, why?

3- Focus, Implement & Optimize

There are several ways to promote your content. Whether it is a blog or a youtube video or a presentation like powerpoint, you should focus on one or two maximum and master them. Once you master blogging, go to videos and so on, you with me?

Implementing is the fastest way to learn because I believe when you implement or exercise something you just learned it will stick in your head for a long long time so you really save permanently the info in your amazing memory.

Optimize. This step is the last because you should do first fearlessly and later optimize it, for example, you write a blog but you are uncertain about it, you can read it one more time, post it to the world and you can come back the next day with a refreshed mind and see whether you made a lot of mistakes or not, we learn from each mistake.

4- Define your marketing budget

Yous should define a monthly marketing budget and stick to it, for example, 500$ per month for the next 3 months and you see what will happen.

Now, expect the first 90 days of your journey with a small return on investment because every new business that came to life took time but since you are building strong foundations with us, it will be a question of time until your rocket launches so be patient and you will get the result you DESIRE.

Let me tell you this, if you treat your business like a hobby or another "part-time job", you will receive a part-time job income, right? When you treat your business like your life depends on it, then you will see miracles happening.

There are several programs that are suitable for everyone. I got the highest program because honestly, it's priceless. I am receiving a lot of training, mentorships, marketing skills but the most important thing I found is the great community of like-minded people who ride on the same journey as you, share with you, support you and care about your SUCCESS and FREEDOM.

5- Define your target market

Just remember, if you target everybody, you are definitely targeting to nobody. The most effective strategy in this business is to get the right message to the right people at the right time. For example, you search something on google and you get exactly the result you wanted at that specific time, something for youtube or facebook or any other platform

To define your market avatar or persona, start asking the following questions:

  • Who are my targets?
  • What do they do?
  • Where do they hang out?
  • What do they want?
  • What is stopping them from getting it?
  • The most important one in my point of view is how to provide them with value and solve their problem?

6- Five types of contents to share

  • Education: you can write a blog, shoot a video, share a presentation...
  • Inspiration: Which stories you can pick that inspire your audience. For example, a success story or someone who was in the same situation as your target and how did he get through his problem 
  • Entertainment: You can take short videos, something new and refreshing
  • Information: Constantly read books around your niches, listen to audio and you will be a big data store :) dude, that is so cool ...
  • Promotion: Give 80% value and ask only 20% you can ask your reader to read another article of yours or to subscribe to your youtube channel...

Try to implement these steps for your business on daily basis and I am sure you will leverage your business and online marketing to the next level. 

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