How To Take The Mystery Out Of Viral Marketing

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How To Take The Mystery Out Of Viral Marketing - Product Review Of UpViral

After reading this article, you are going to feel very excited about the vast possibilities you have with UpViral to let your marketing campaigns go viral and help you grow your list and your income. I know, this might sound like too much of a promise to you for now, but listen, I'm using the product myself and I know what I'm talking about.

So just relax and read on, I'm going to explain to you as much as I can about it and why I'm currently using and will keep using it for my business.

But first of all, I would like to present to you a video by Wilco de Kreij, the founder of UpViral. He's going to explain most of the features of the product by himself, so you'll get a general overview of it.

Watch the video now.

Now, doesn't that sound very exciting to you?

In case, you rather like to read about the main features from UpViral, I made a list of them for you:

Easy To Set Up System

Creating your first campaign is easy and video tutorials, templates both for lead pages and thank-you pages are helping to speed up the process.

How To Take The Mystery Out Of Viral Marketing

Fully-Customizable Referral Link System

Use points-based system (example: reward visitors based on the number of referrals). Use points-based system (example: reward visitors based on the number of referrals). Generates unique referral invite links. Full control over type and number of points given per action (visits, leads or shares). Offer extra incentives for sharing (regardless of other actions).

Highly Customizable Rewards System

Provide automatic goal-based rewards (example: reward visitors for sharing on FB). Provide multiple rewards based on points accumulated or goals met. Provide downloadable files, links, even instant discount coupons as incentives/rewards. All points, rewards, and incentives are fully-automated per desired settings. No admin required!

Easy Setup/Administration For Contest Promotions

Manual or automatic winner selection. Easy scheduling to manage multiple contests. Automated prize notification and awarding. Additional custom sharing opportunities for contestants.

Fully Customizable Email Automation

Send timed/triggered emails based on users’ actions. Add FB, Twitter, and other buttons right into emails to make sharing easier! Send multiple email triggers, proven to get you more shares per visitor. Automated alert emails that motivate visitors to their next goal. Follow-up emails make it easy for repeated sharing, again and again!

How To Take The Mystery Out Of Viral Marketing

Powerful, Fully Customizable Social Sharing Features

Easily customize and control how people share their links. Facebook newsfeed optimization to increase referral tracking. Rich-tweet capabilities built-in. Complete control over appearance and display of posts. User-selected options that make sharing easy!

Easy Integration With Existing Sites, Tools, and All Major Autoresponders

UpViral works natively with all the major services! Send personalized follow-up emails with referral links directly via the autoresponder. Real-time analytics to track click rates, open rates as well as the number of referrals! Deep integration with advanced tagging & segmentation features.

Other Powerful Features and Capabilities

Easy data export via Excel or .csv formats. Use any custom domain for referral links. Support and complete training available via dashboard! Works in all languages – even right-to-left languages! Full cloning features – reuse campaign templates without starting from scratch!

Easily Turn CURRENT Email Lists Into Perpetual Lead Sources

Easily multiply your existing email list by embedding UpViral links inside your emails – no matter which autoresponder you’re using. By adding one-click share buttons inside the emails of your existing email list, you’ll turn your subscribers into a group of people desperate to promote your site or business. This means you can immediately use UpViral for your existing lists to start multiplying your audience and instantly create a self-sustaining, continuously-growing source of fresh leads from existing resources.

A/B Split testing

Split-test multiple lead-magnet pages to determine best opt-in rates. Split-test multiple thank-you pages to determine best sharing rates. Split-test multiple emails to determine best click/open rates. And don't worry, the split-tests are easy to set up and as soon as you see the page wich converts the best, simply choose it as the winner by clicking on a text link - and that's it!

How To Take The Mystery Out Of Viral Marketing

Powerful Automated Security, Metrics and Analytical Tools

Auto fraud detection via cookies and IP tracking with reporting – eliminates cheating and abuse! Easily track the performance of all your campaigns. Manage leads, view/track all activity and your top referrers/influencers!

Mobile Optimized

Fully-responsive display – 100% mobile-optimized! Supports all smartphones and tablets – Android, iOS, and Windows!


How To Take The Mystery Out Of Viral MarketingIf you think, that sounds all very complicated, then do not worry. Extensive training is included in the Dashboard. If you don't find the answer in these videos, UpViral has a great online support, knowledge base and a forum, where surely, you'll get all the answers to your questions. It will take some time to set it up at first, but it's totally worth the time and effort.

Wow, this list got really long and at this point, you'll start to understand why I told you that you are going to be very excited about this product. That's the way on how to take the mystery out of viral marketing! It's really like nothing else you've seen before because by having your leads turning into your referral partners, you'll get a viral loop of traffic coming to your offer page because your leads can win prizes or get stuff for free. That's a real win-win situation and I'm always looking for this in my business because I believe, that's the only way to be successful.

It is a great tool that delivers what it promises. I strongly recommend it to anybody who wants to leverage his marketing efforts and get his business to the next level. Get it here now!

If you have any questions or comments I'll be happy if you leave them below and I will reply as soon as I see them.

Wishing you inner peace, happiness, and success at the highest level

How To Take The Mystery Out Of Viral MarketingJanine El Hinnawy

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