If you feel like giving up... you need to read this

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If you feel like giving up

Something I realised about myself lately is that I never give up. Like never. When I put my mind on something, or when I want to help someone, I will not give up until I get where I want to go. It hasn’t always served me. I’ve been told that I am stubborn, that I am too intense and so on. Today, I really couldn’t care less because today this is how I help people and this has become my purpose in life. And that’s why, if you feel like giving up I ask you to read the following because you need to be aware of this:

First, why do you feel like giving up?

I mean really. When you get caught up by your emotions, you aren’t able to think anymore. Everything gets confused. You get too much in your head. This is when it’s important to be able to be strong enough to step away from these emotions. To calm down and observe the situation with a loving, caring and detached approach. When you’re there, ask yourself this question. It can be because the situation is overwhelming. It can be because you’ve tried so many times and you still can’t get the result you’re looking for. No matter what it is, the underlying reason is often fear. And going back to the old habit or to the old life is the easy way out. It’s also what you know and therefore it’s where your ego wants you to stay. 

Know that it’s all in your head

Your ego, ie subconscious mind, LOVES certainty. It will fight uncertainty like crazy. This is why it’s so hard to change an old habit. This is why you actually don’t change a habit, you create a new one. Your ego will build up images in your head to scare you. It will picture the worst possible stories so that it makes sure you stay in this so called “comfort zone”. A safe space where you can basically predict what will happen based on your past experiences. 

When you feel like giving up, you’re giving this ego way too much power. The only way to stay in control is to keep going. As they say “feel the fear but do it anyway”. Now this my friends, takes practice. But eventually, you get used to doing it to the point where you even enjoy it. I’m there now and I can’t explain you how amazing it is. Because I’m able to see my fears and feel when I resist doing something. This allows me to know I really have to do whatever it is that scares me. And that once it’s done, first I’ll feel better but more importantly I will have reached another level in my life. I’m not saying it’s an easy thing to do but please, try it. Don’t even try it, DO it! And see what starts to happen in your life. Because by doing so you also build up this muscle and it’ll get easier over time.

Remember your dream and your goal, why you’re doing this

Another important thing to do when you feel like giving up is to remember your dream. Remember why you made this decision in the first place. Whatever it is, you made it for a reason. And this reason is because you knew it would make you feel better. By keeping this in mind, journaling on it, you will reactivate the reasons why you decided to go for it.  Also ask yourself this questions “what if I quit?”… to me, the answer to this question is not even an option anymore in my life. So there’s no other choice but to keep going. Have a plan A and no plan B. So you can’t quit on your dream.

You have the power to create your life through your thoughts and emotions

If you’ve never heard of the Law of Attraction (LOA), I highly recommend it! You can watch it on Netflix or read the book (click here if you wish to grab the book).  This opened a totally new approach of life, one that was making total sense to me. Basically what the LOA states is that everything is energy and that we attract what we vibrate at. This is as real as the law of gravity. We’re not just being told about it because it would kind of mess up the system our society is built on. However this is why sometimes you wonder why some people seem to have it all. It’s not because they’re lucky or because they look good or were born in the right family. It’s because they understand the principles of the LOA and apply them in their life. And so can you. The main idea is what you think you attract. That’s why it’s so important to be aware of your thoughts and emotions. When you feel like giving up, you’re most likely feeling down and stuck in a negative loop. Becoming aware of this can be really helpful to help you get out of it.

And with that being said… Do NOT give up on you! You have one life, it’s your responsibility to make it the way you want it to be through the choices you make.



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