Is SFM a scam? My 3 key learnings after joining the Six Figure Mentors

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Is SFM a scam? 


When it comes to being bombarded with information on the internet we are all in the same boat. Spending even a few hours online can turn into a draining experience. It seems that so many people are making money online and you know, deep down, that the time is perfect with the way technology is evolving…but…

Is this a scam? Am I going to be robbed? Do I need loads of capital to start and to get ANYWHERE? Do I need to be more ‘skilled’? Am I going to start this, pay money, struggle, get now where and eventually give up?  As I always do…

All of these questions, all of these thoughts, circled my head for months before I finally made a decision and joined the Six Figure Mentors. I was one of those people; unsure, overwhelmed, sceptical, slightly paranoid and all over the place.

Clicking on that ad and registering my details with the SFM was a decision I made in a moment even though my biggest question was; Is SFM a scam?! That moment changed my life.

Firstly; NO! SFM is as far from a scam as anything I could describe to you in this short write up. Since joining and embarking on what can only be described as a journey my life has been altered, my mind has been expanded and I feel like I have something so meaningful to wake up to every morning.


3 reasons why SFM is a brilliant opportunity for anyone who is serious about starting an online business


SFM is NOT a get rich quick scheme. It requires commitment, self-belief, the investment of your time and focus and a desire to change your life. With all of that in place, it is more than possible to make a huge success of this.

2.  You do not need to be ‘tech-savvy’ or experienced with computers and the Internet

The people who join the Six Figure Mentors and make up this community range massively in their age, ability, location, profession and financial situation. You can be anyone, anywhere; with a passion for learning and growth you can change your life.

3.  You will receive ‘mental renewal’ and serious mind set training

The biggest thing holding me back before I joined was myself. My self doubt. Thinking that I am not enough, I do not know enough. For most people this is the same. We ALL battle with our own inner demons. This company starts your training with your inner beliefs, your inner workings. You shed, you learn, you grow. You start to build inner foundations in order to grow your business on a solid grounding. You go through so much renewal and it is bloody fabulous.

Is SFM a scam? My 5 key learnings after joining the Six Figure Mentors

My journey

My journey started with one click, on a link similar to the below. We are very serious about working with like minded people and therefore it begins by sending you a series of 7 free video trainings. This is FREE and requires no commitment from you except a little spare time to watch and absorb them in your own time.

Once you have received and gone through the 7 videos created by the company founders you will make a decision on whether this opportunity is right for you and your life.

Thank you for taking the time to hang out with me briefly and please like my Facebook page to follow my journey to time freedom and financial liberation.

Jenna Bowen 



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