Is social media just a waste of your time?

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Social media in it's infancy was classed as a bit of a waste of time, somewhere to post little pictures of yourself and your family, or tweet about what you ate for breakfast. Youtube was packed with videos of people falling over and cats doing silly things. It was just an outlet for people to be!

These days though, what used to be seen as a time waster, has now become a very important and dynamic way for people and companies to market themselves and to get their voice or product heard by millions. 

As a nation we are spending less time on traditional media and much much more time consuming content online.

  • Televisions viewership falls each year, whilst youtube's daily viewers are rising all the time and at 1.25 billion hours viewed per day, they are forcast to overtake television views in the next few years.
  • 1 in 5 minutes a person spends on their mobile is spent on Facebook
  • Every minute 65,900 videos and photos are posted on instagram
  • Over 3 billion snaps are created everyday on Snapchat and around 60% of the ads are watched with the sound turned on. 

This is a huge market which people need to be using to their advantage. The power of social media is so strong that everyone of us can leverage it to make a substantial income if we know how. Gary Vaynerchuk, in his book Crushing It! puts it like this:

"The most popular instagrammers can earn seven figures per year from their social media efforts alone. Even with only a thousand followers, an entry-level instagrammer could earn $5,000 per year with just 2 posts per week, and ten thousand followers could net almost $20,000 per year. Again that is with just 2 posts per week; imagine the earnings if that instagrammer posted more fequently. Let's think about that. The median salary for US employees is about $51,000. you can earn that as an office manager, or you can earn the same amount running your own business built around something you love more that anything else in the world. Want to play it safe? you can work as an office manager, go home, and then earn an extra $10,000 a year on Twitch letting people watch you play and comment on your favourite video game, because you really are that good at it. Or use YouTube to share insanely cool science experiments. Or post pictures on instagram of your pet hedgehogs wearing tiny hats. Thanks to the proliferation of platforms and the migration of TV and magazine viewers to the internet, there is room for many, many more experts and personalities to create a lucrative, sustainable ecosystem that promotes and grows their businesses or even side hustles." 

Social media is for everyone!

Yes, that's right, for absolutely everyone, no matter where you are in life. It doesn't matter how old you are, where you come from, what your education is. Each and every one of us has a unique voice and a unique journey. There are so many platforms available now, that your uniqueness can stand out and be seen. You can use social media platforms to develop your brand and expand your influence.

Let's take an example


Lets imagine you love to travel. So you start a travel blog, writing about the places you have visited. You add in some beautiful pictures and little anecdotes about trying new cuisines. You post them on facebook and start to gain a following of like minded people. You post special holiday offers and give your advice on the top 5 suntan lotions on the market. You become an affiliate and promote holidays and spa weekend packages. You create a blog on the 'Love Island' villas and where to stay. You have a selfie taken with 'Love Island' favourites Dani and Jack who boost your instagram following from 1000 followers to 10,000. As your influence grows you might bring out your own line of travel accessories too. Can you see how social media can inhance anyone's passions into a career that they actually love?

Let's get specific


Social media is a very powerful tool for advertising too as it is so specific. Facebook, for example, gives you so much choice about who and where you advertise that you can be certain that your advertising is meeting the right people to get the results you are after. There is a huge array of ad types you can use from videos to picture carousels, you can create offers and discounts, boost posts to reach more people, create forms and events and get more likes to your page. Think for a moment about the information you have willingly given facebook, your name and address, where you went to school, the types of music you like, events you have been too, your age, your gender, whether you are married, where you work, who your friends are, what pages you have liked etc etc... All this information is collated and then used by advertisers and people like you and me, to get our message across to the right people.

Facebook ads can be tailored by:

  • Demographic: ie, their age, gender and relationship status
  • Location: so if you have a physical shop, you can tailor your ad to those who live in your area
  • Interests: find people who are interested in what you are promoting
  • Behaviors: such as the purchases they make, or the apps they use.

You can even use something called 'Look alike audiences' where you reach people who are similar to your customers. I mean this is one powerful platform for really niching down and becoming very specific.

Social media has opened up the possibility of creating a career around the things you love every single day. It allows you to re-write your future, after all, you could spend the next 30 years working all the hours God sends to line another man's pocket, or you could re-write the norm and say, "hey, I can do this for myself!" After all what is it that your boss has that you don't? If they can create a business from scratch, why on earth can't you? All you really need is the education to learn how to leverage these platforms to work for you.  

So what's holding you back?

If you a feeling unsure, and that you couldn't possibly do this, or "I'd love to have a career which is my own, but I simply don't know where to start". Why not drop me a message, I'd love to chat with you about how you can make this work for you. Or simply click on the link below to receive a free, no obligation 7 day video series sent straight to your e-mail inbox and get that education to start creating a biz that you love.

So, is social media just a waste of your time? 

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