It gets worse before it gets better.

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You know there is a way that the ways of this world are encoded in the everyday phenomenon. We however never really pay attention. It would be surprising the things we could learn if we took some time to look at nature and many other things.

For example, let us talk about the process of production based on a seed. There are many lessons we can learn:

  1. The packaging: all that is in the seed is very well hidden inside of the seed. this is a phenomenon you can see multiplied everywhere in every seed. The content on the inside is the most important part of the seed. The shell is mostly there to protect what is inside. It is only in humans that you find some thinking the outside is better than the inside. It is only in humans where circumstances can affect the way the inside evolves why?
  2. The potential applies anywhere: a seed is a seed whether it is USA or Uganda. Where you place the seed is not consequential. What can we learn from this? Have you ever thought about leaving your current place because you thought it was the circumstances making you fail to produce? Hmm, I suppose we have a lot to learn from this one. If you are a seed then it shouldn't matter where you are. You will become a tree.
  3. A seed needs good soil: when you plant a seed on the rocks you kill its potential. Any seed in good soil will always multiply or grow. We, humans, have failed to understand this principle. In order to grow well, we need good soil. You need good friends, good companions in order to grow. You need people who believe in you and say the right things to you. If you are not in good soil how do you expect to grow and multiply? I wonder.
  4. The seed has to die: the process of creating more or reaching potential necessitates that one has to kill some patterns in their life. You have to die to your old ways of thinking. You have to kill some self-damaging habits. In this process, you shed off the outer coating that has been restricting you and then you expose the real stuff to the good soil.
  5. Seeds grow roots first: yeah check any seed. They grow roots first before you can see the shoot. We need to know that in the production process, business or anything. Even just learning how to program, there are things that need to be done first before we can see results. Some of the best plants take the longest time under the soil growing roots. The end result is quite amazing. This should tell us something.
  6. Seeds multiply: have you ever noticed that when we live mediocre lives we live no legacies? It is true. If you are not following the principles above you will never multiply. In this case, multiplication means replicating yourself in many people. You have to be able to teach other people about your domain. Before all that you have to master your domain. Which is a topic for another day.

The lessons are quite good but there is something that stands out. Have you noticed that the process takes a trend where things look like its the end. The seed has to die and reproduce. The seed has to be hidden under the ground for a long time.

To me, these look like what happens when we face some circumstances. Could it be that when we face these things we are going through the process? 

Let's imagine you have lost your job, you have the mortgage to pay. You think this is the end. However, this is the time where you are forced to think outside the box. All the while you never knew you could do an online business and earn multiple what you were earning.

You get to learn to answer questions like, what do I really want? Where can I meet people who are like me? How are other people who are unemployed making it? This is the time for a meeting with yourself. If the seed process is applied, then all bad situations will be good for us. It's hard to learn when you are not pushed into a class of sorts.

Take a look at the eaglet, once it has gained some wings but is still comfortable in its mother's nest. The mother pushes it out by force. The eagle probably thinks this is the end until it spreads its wings and begins to fly. The bad looking situation turned out for good.

Maybe just maybe things need to get worse before you decide to take a chance with this online business set up.

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