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If you’re starting a new business idea and are trying to make the perfect plan before you try something in the real world, stop! Your plan will change several times when you get out there so just start.


Stand out!!

The market is overflowing with products and services, so you need to stand out and be louder than others. Being too careful to fit in is not a good idea, the more original and the more you show the world of your true vision the better. This is exactly what will make you shine and be appealing to others.


Today's customers don't want to just buy a product or service, they want to buy a dream, a story or a vision that comes along with it. So, don't be afraid of being you, this will only make your business more real to people.

You are unique

If you've herd the expression of bringing value to the market this is how you do it. By picking your passion and putting your personal touch to it. Nobody else can do it your way, you are special and trying to imitate others will only make you fail. Of course, it is important to look at those who has succeeded and learn from them but the ultimate product or service you provide must be originally yours so trust your instincts and try not to get stuck on making a perfect plan, just get your thing going and things will sort out on the way. That is why entrepreneurs call it a journey.

Lucia Svoboda Publisher

Myzenmarket A Digital Brand Agency


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