Life In the Construction Industry

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Life in the construction industry

Life In the Construction Industry, The Good and the Bad!!

Where do I start? Having worked in over 20 jobs (in the space of 10 years) related to the construction industry, i think i'm qualified to give you a review on what Life in the Construction Industry is like.

I'd say the shit that comes with working on a building site outweighs the good by a large margin. Infact, a pros and cons list of the subject is pretty one sided.

Now don't get me wrong, some people love working their arse off all day for little money, in the pissing it down rain, with a prick of a site manager thats only qualified in being a pen pusher and is about as much use as a concrete kite when it comes to anything else!! But i'm not one of those people and i'll tell you how I switched from that life to the life i have now after the PROS/CONS


  • Good banter with the lads                 
  • Keeps you fit (for now)
  • Get a good tan in summer 

Brace yourself!!


  • Hard, Physical Work
  • Breathing in dust all day
  • Working in all weathers
  • An old timer that comes out with stuff like " You young-uns have it easy these days, When I was younger we had to carry twice as much weight as that, and for 10 shilling" (whatever that is, i haven't got a clue ) 
  • A delivery arriving when you've just sat down to have your dinner
  • A site manager that thinks he's as powerful as Hitler (there are some decent site managers out there, so don't all take offense, but most of you are power hungry, you know who you are!)
  • For the work, the money is terrible.
  • The toll it takes on your body as you get older. Now i can't relate to this (yet), but I know a guy in my local pub who was a brick layer all of his life. he's recently retired so must be about 65. The guy is physically fucked!!! he's hunched over from back problems, can hardly hold his pint because of his arthritis, he has tinitus so you have to shout at him before he can here you, his knees are shattered and without being disrespectful to the poor sod he looks in his 80's rather than his 60's. and the best bit about it is that he's work hard all of his life, is now incapable of doing anything that requires moving, and he has a poor pension to see him through to his death bed. Now I don't know about you, but when I'm his age I wan't the money and health to be able to live my life like I do now.
  • Rare that you will progress any further than the place you are at now.

Being realistic!! Who actually enjoys getting up and going to work on a building site? Well there are actually some people that can't get enough of it. I once worked with a carpenter who was 2 years from retirement and I said to him " Are you looking forward to retirement?"....He replied with " I could retire now if I wanted to with the money that me and my wife have saved over the years but I come to work for the company, I won't know what to do with myself when I retire".......I thought to myself WHY DON'T YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE? You've worked all your life and you still want to come to work? you have the money!! find a hobby, go on holiday's, get a motorhome and travel the country, treat your wife, whatever you choose just live your life and be free!! But no he'd rather be at work!!

I'm sorry, but i realised there are better options than this and that life in the construction and trade industry really is shit. I dread ending up like the guy i know. If you haven't got a problem with it then thats fine, i'm not saying some people aren't happy in these types of jobs because they are. I just know after years of my own expereince that it wasn't for me and that there a far better options out there, like the one that I found which i'm currently working on.

Life in the construction industry

I decided to get off the tools and move into a life of working when I want, for myself and from anywhere around the world from my laptop (although I haven't quite got to that stage yet)

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It's not for everyone but i suggest you at least check this free video series on how to make a great living online doing something you love, even if you have no idea where to start and you can make up your own mind.

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