Live Your Passion and Create Your Own Lifestyle!

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Hi Everybody,

Tania here and yip that’s me executing a perfect hook kick (ura mawashi geri for those martial artists out there) in a national karate championship where I added another National champion title to my records.

The point is guys, this is what I am most passionate about…. My Art -KARATE.

Being doing it now for 29 solid years and I’m still going strong and I’m more passionate than ever due to the fact that I have FINALLY discovered a ‘way out’ of my mediocre 9 hour day job and have more time available to dedicate myself to my passion and start building a better lifestyle and still help others achieve the same.

I honestly feel very privilege that I have been blessed with this passion of this beautiful art that I train and teach, as unlike most people I do have a passion and I can shout and scream this out loud, BUT until now it has really been a struggle to juggle it along with other responsibilities and the biggest one being my full time IT office job that is literally just a boring job with a boss who determines how long I work and how much I earn.


This has been an inner conflict for me for far too many years now, as I am so independent in all other areas of my life but not in my career/finances. People admire and respect me so much and I want to contribute more and achieve my own personal satisfaction on ALL levels!

Thankfully, after turning 35 years old last month the universe finally answered me by presenting me with an amazing opportunity that has really provided me with VALUE and a better vision of building a better lifestyle for myself along with time and money freedom that I have been after for so long.

Not only has it awakened that little voice inside my head (there must be a way, come on Tania think, just think how you can do this, take the risks ….ha ha ) I just knew that there can be more to my life but just needed an opportunity to get to know how to do it.

It has provided me with a healthy state of mind, body and soul that fits in perfectly with the principles and values that karate teaches. So for me this was the perfect fit!

I would love to share what I have learned so far with others who are ready to be in control of their lives and just really enjoy this LIFE that we all have!

Being alive is AWESOME! We only have ONE LIFE, so what’s wrong with living the life that we want, our way?!undefined

It really is not complicated! But my goodness as humans we tend to complicate things so so much when it really is so simply…Just live and be happy! Trust your instinct, be natural, be YOU. Be a leader. But a good, humble and honest leader and give out unconditionally as well as giving yourself more. Give yourself the chance to build your own desired lifestyle and build a happy life.

'You can have results or excuses. Not both. You choose!'

'It's not what you do but how much love you put into it that matters. Love leaves a legacy.'


If you want to find out more about what was presented to me and how I got started then click on this link Let me take a look and experience for yourself.

Thanks for reading this, believe in yourself and know that we are always capable of much more than what we think!  

Cheers for now T.

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