Look Up

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     Evening Sunset at Aldinga Beach South Australia


Don't forget to stop, take time to look around you. I am constantly mesmerised with the display that nature puts on for us. We need to remind ourselves to slow down and just take it all in. try to take some time everyday just to enjoy what we have. LOOK UP, look at the clouds, they offer so much, in all thier different shapes sizes and colours! I still look at them and see dragons or faces animals etc and I have never seen two clouds look the same.

The picture below is a Amazing display of nature! this picture was taken back on the 30th of August 2016. It was the head of a storm that caused untold damage. with the strongest wind gusts I have ever witnessed. I like to call this picture THE WITCH LEADING THE STORM. If you look at the clouds in front of the black mass, you will see what can only be explained as a witches face.


I am always blown away by natures display. All be it the wind and rain storms seem to be getting worse. The amount of trees torn from thier groundings or giant gum trees completely snaped in half.  This witch led her path of distruction and caused so much grief. Mother nature reminds us all how powerful she can be. (note) all these pictures were taken on my Samsung Galaxy Note lll, it is so good having a camera on you when you need it.

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This was another cloud that came from nowhere. It caused a lot of damage over the Barossa Valley and the North of Adelaide. I like to call this cloud photo, The Independence Day Cloud for obvious reasons. 


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