Moments in Life and Decision Points of a Veteran – Why the SFM – Six Figure Mentors / DEA – Digital Expert Academy?

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The Moment in Life

It was last winter, just North of Quebec City. It was cold outside, around -20’C. I was comfortably sitting at a large window, looking at the wind playing with the snow on the surface of a small frozen lake not too far. I was not outside, like the guy on the photograph, but it can happen to me there too. As a soldier taking part in winter exercises, I had witnessed many times such an ever-changing spectacle. I had now been a Veteran for ten years and as we say: ‘’you can leave the Army but the Army never leaves you’’.  So there I was, without a mission and comfortably thoughtful.


Doing this all day, all winter, is not like me. What about all these places that I’ve been to and always wished to revisit? Ah yes!  Half the time was at night, and I spent much of it in an armoured vehicle, trying not to be detected, and listening to simultaneous conversations on two different radio nets, one in each ear. The Recruiting Officer was right. There’s no life like it! I got my fair share of everything, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Decision Point

Now that I am retired, I thought, now is the time to rediscover these places and others, to meet the people and learn about their cultures. But for that, I needed a sufficient budget and was lacking it and could not foresee things getting better. Something had to change if I wanted a different result.

In the Air Force, they define the roles, procure the various types of aircraft to fulfill these roles, and they man them. Same thing in the Navy with the ships. In the Army, we do the opposite. The soldier can do anything, and I mean anything if you provide him with good leadership and proper training.  I’m sure that anybody reading this post and having served in any country’s Army will agree with me. Any country’s government will identify significant roles for its soldiers, and the Army will equip them accordingly.  See the difference? Other Services man the equipment, the Army equips the man.

The Solution – The Six Figure Mentors / Digital Expert Academy

So, how do I equip myself?
How can I provide the economic liberty and security necessary so my wife and I can start realizing all these dreams that we have entertained in our conversations all along the frontline of our lives?

All through my career in the profession of arms, two basic ingredients were always necessary to achieve the aim and complete the mission: quality leadership and training. This winning formula may look simple, but it is very demanding. And once you have tasted it, you can feel and see the results. Nothing can stop soldiers, well lead and well trained for the mission. There is no limit to their resourcefulness, of their capacity for mutual aid and self-sacrifice.

I propose to keep writing these little vignettes about moments and decision points in my military life. Given a laptop and access, I can do that most anytime and anywhere. To equip me, I have identified my leaders and my training with the Six Figure Mentors and Digital Expert Academy.

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