Off To Dunoon & The River Clyde

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In 1978 I am on my way to Dunoon in scotland to work in the River Clyde, we were subcontracted to McAlpine Civil Engineers. The journey up there was in a van and cars. I was in the van with 2 other of my workmates, John Sessions and Stan, ( Stan was of polish decent so I cannot remember his surname ) There were two others going by car , I cannot remember there names as too much time has passed. We caught the ferry at Gourock after a 6 hour journey, across the Clyde into Dunoon.

undefined Ferry Terminal Gourock

We arrived in Dunoon and proceeded to find our hotel Royal Marine. We registered in the hotel and relaxed for a few hours, in the evening we found out that the area was dominated by American Navy personnel who were stationed at the Holy Lock nuclear submarine base which was just a few miles round the corner. In the hotel a Sunday evening consisted of barn dancing to cater for the Americans , however Tuesday to Saturday was a disco hosted by Stu Pot Stu the DJ !!

undefined Dunoon Pier

If you click the link it will show footage from 1978 depicting the ferry's running at the time.

The following day we went to site to view the job in hand. It turns out that sewage pipes that ran from the town into the Clyde were supported by concrete blocks. these blocks were too high and our job was to reduce the height of each one, Not a particular dangerous job, however tricky as the tide comes and goes and sometimes we were only in 3 ft of water which it creates difficulties due to buoyancy. 

We had to set up a floating pontoon to work from and the use of a shoreside compressor to run drilling equipment etc, and we used a Honda Hookah for our own air that we ran from the pontoon. We used these brathing systems as the Honda compressor was usually very reliable, however, we always had a small air tank strapped to our backs as a bailout in case the compressor ever failed. 

click the link to see a hookah.

It took us about 7 days too prepare for the job in hand checking all the equipment and building the pontoon from materials provided by McAlpine Civil Engineers. In the mean time we frequented the hotels bar in the evening, after our ususal meal in the local Indian restaurant whose specialty was a kebab.

undefined Ours was a similar build to this one

undefined Typical modern equipment check

undefined This is the type of equiptment we used in 1978

We are now already prepared to start the job in hand. 

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