One of My Ideal Days

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I am sitting in a newly renovated Starbucks in sunny Mexico. It's just shy of noon and I've been working on one of my newest blog posts for 2 hours. I put the final touches in and press "publish". Another check off my day. Work , Done! 

I have talked about being able to work from a coffee shop for as long as I can remember and here I am.  It's hard to believe that I will go home when and only when I decide to buy the return ticket. lol. These days "home" seems to have a whole new meaning, or maybe I am a living example of " home is where the heart is" and today it's in a Starbucks with my laptop and my latte.

Just when I think it can't get any better than this, I see a familiar face walk in.  She smiles in recognition. She's obviously familiar with this Starbucks too. She plunks herself down across from me with a mischevious grin on her face.  She is beautifully tanned and wearing a flowing cotton wrap in the most incredible blues and greens.  Her hat droops like a lazy willow tree branch covering one of her eyes and she adjusts it on her head so she can look into my eyes as she pulls an envelope out of her purse.

She hands it to me with a wink. She is absoluely glowing. This is payment for the 20 sessions she had with me as her Faster EFT practitioner. 5000.00!!! . She leans over and says, “this was worth 10,000$ Andrea, I told my husband to keep the car running!”  I laugh and reply,  "I know that.  You got the early bird special". With that she gives me a peck on the cheek and glides away like a majestic peacok. 

I stare down at the envelope and start to giggle.  What must people be thinking if they witnessed that little scene? Payment for an adventurous evening with a stunning blonde? I'm sure the guys are thinking "dam, I'd like to watch that".  I giggle to myself but keep my eyes down almost blushing in fear of meeting someones curious gaze.

I reach for my coffee and enjoy as the barely warm, creamy drink runs down my throat.  Over the next month I will be working with similar women who are committed to turning their lives around as well as continuing my journey in Digital Online Marketing. I am giddy. This is such a wonderful way to receive abundance. I am doing what I love, making a difference and empowering others. And I feel worthy of it all.

My phone chirps, it's my daughter. I have to get back. She’s ordered lunch poolside. Oh the life!

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