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Karma simply interpreted "is getting what you give" or reaping what you sow’.

Of course there are cultural, religious and social differences between us and what is or isn’t considered good or bad varies, but whether religious or not, the basic tenets laid out in the Ten Commandments, or the Yama and niyama yogic or Buddhist systems give pretty good parameters on how we should conduct ourselves.

There’s a huge dollop of common sense in this thinking in terms of the survival of our species too, but that’s for another blog.

Who you choose to associate with will impact on your Karma. The toxicity emanating from some people can cause you to take it out on someone which has a cyclical effect. As well as putting the effort into our own personal growth, put it also into the growth of positivity of all. 

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Do not underestimate the role you as an individual can play in making the entire World a better place. That too, is a dynamic phenomenon. It works the other way to. Passing toxicity along the line leads to the kind of fear, hate and war that we unfortunately see in many places. Be a buttress against that and it will be a part of what will help you realise your desires.

I am sure that we can all draw on personal experience for examples of this. We may not have thought about actions or reactions to certain events in terms of Karma, but if we are honest with ourselves it’s not hard to see that where we know we did the wrong thing – harsh words, betrayal, dis-honesty, perhaps violence – that in some way or another, sooner or later, there was a huge negative fallout back to us. Life didn’t go well for a period, relationships fail.

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If we mean to go on with this process of personal growth, whether its attracting more money or other forms of wealth or having more fruitful relationships of all kinds, then factor in who you choose to spend time with.

If you combine the practice of conducting yourself well with all that positive Karma together with day to day routines and habits, then you are well on the road to positive growth and obtaining what you desire.

I set myself a challenge at the beginning of this year to write a book (primarily for myself). It was to be a short guide to live a set of principals - heavily borrowed from the wise ones - to turn my life around.  I set a target of 5000 words to cover all the bases. Very tight.

I did just that. A Short Guide To Fundamental Change is exactly 5000 words long.

I am on a very important step in the process of practicing what I preach by setting up an online business which gives as well as takes. Links to my mentors and partners are all around these words on banners and adverts and I make no apology in recommending and endorsing them here.  It's a community that seem to have read the same books as I have. Lots of giving as well as earning. Suits me just fine.

My name is Vincent Wood and my online business is Allure Naturally

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