Online Business vs Traditional Business (See The Best Business Industry For You)

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Having a business to be independent in life is amazing. However, there are different ways to do business. What if you can have a business that will make you money while you sleep? After all, you are in business to become successful in life. And that depends on what success means to you, question what does success means to you?
Does success means spending the best hours of your day working long hours for money, and not having a good family-life balance, and not having the time freedom, to spend with family, friends, and to live your life the way you want, do you consider this success or just the opposite?
To me this not success but the opposite because we all have one life, and we suppose to live our lives to the fullest
But if you have a business that is preventing you from living the lifestyle that you want to be living, robbing you of your happiness, holding you back from spending good quality time with the people you love, a business that does not fulfill your desire of a good life does not worth doing
The traditional way of earning a living is broken, it is very exhausting to run a traditional business, you have to work long hours to keep your business going that gives you limited time to spend with family, friends, and to do the things you love doing
You are location fixed you can’t travel as you want. The less you work is the lesser your income, what if you cannot be able to work hard? The moment you stop working your income will stop automatically, do you see yourself working for the rest of your life?
Warren Buffet a billionaire businessman, and an investor said “if you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep you will work until you die” This quote changes my belief about earning, I don’t know about you but as for me I don’t want to work until I die
And I still remember how hard I had to work when I was earning my living the traditional way. I was an independent hairdresser and a masseuse for about 9 years.
I had to work 12 to 14 hours a day six days a week I was unable to be there for the people I love, I was unable to live a healthy lifestyle because I was always working, I had no time to take care of myself. I let a business kept me from everyone and everything I love
As time goes on, I became unhappy, unfulfilled, and depressed then I realized that if I don’t do something to make the change to look for a better way to earn my living this business will destroy me, and that is self-sabotage
Then I realized the internet had made it very easy, and simple to have a business generate 24/7 365 days income that guaranty financial stability
Because online business is 24/7 active I will only be working whenever I wish, in that way, I will have the time freedom to spend with my loved ones, and to the things, I love doing
With the online business, I will have geographical freedom to be able to live and do business anywhere in the world I want

Then I needed to make the change to start an online business to enable me to live the lifestyle that I want to be living. I search for a genius way to start an online business for a while, but my search was unsuccessful then
I came across a YouTube video of a woman named Bei Meer who said how she was depressed because she was unfulfilled with her job, and she later received free training videos from a man named Stuart Ross
The free training that explains how to start an online business from scratch without digital or technical skills
She sued the free training to discover the skills to start an online business without skills since then her life has changed, and she now lives a good life
And she was willing to send me the free training videos if I want, but I was skeptical I said to myself who gives free training to someone they haven’t met?
I thought that it might be a scam, but Bei Meer reveals that Stuart Ross the man who created the free training is a co-founder of the SFM community
SFM is a community that has been training people from all over the world to start successful online businesses for over a decade and SFM partner with LinkedIn
With these revelations, I believed Bei Meer, and I gave her my email address a few minutes later I received the free training in my inbox
And I used these free training videos to discover the skills to start an online business from scratch even though that I had no digital or technical skills I go my online business up running, and my life has completely changed for the better
I now earn my income from the comfort of my home, I work on my business whenever, and wherever I wish. 
I can have the freedom, and the flexibility to live my life just the way I want, this success, just as I have always wanted.

A successful life is when you are living your best life, it’s not just about the money but it’s all about the freedom to live the life that you to be living
If you are anything like me, and you have had enough of the business robbing of a good life, and if you want to start an online business to have financial stability, time freedom, and geographical freedom so that you can be able to start living the lifestyle of your dreams 
Use the start here link down below to sign up for the free training videos series, I will send you the same free training videos that I received from Bei Meer to start the online business that givess me the freedom, and the flexibility to live the life I want
I believe that online business is not for everyone, and not everyone is ready to do what it takes to live a better quality of life
When you sign up for the free training videos, and if you are not interested in starting an online business to live a better quality of life you can unsubscribe at any time, and you will never hear from me again
But when you become successful by using this free training to start an online business please reach out to somebody who needs a change and offer the same free training to change their life as your life is about to change for the better
That’s it for now thank you for being here, for more greate content visite my website I hope to be seening you arond, and don't forget to sign up for the free training video series

Best Wishes,
Sandra Kiers

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