Should You Follow Your Passion as a Business?

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Pursuing your passion as an online business is awesome, and it's something you'll hear a lot from business coaches, it's even a focal point in the Six Figure Mentors training (which by the way is the best place to start if you wanna sack off your job to create a solid online income.)

Why's it such a great idea?

Well for a start, starting a business is a lot of fucking work, period.

Doesn't matter if it's the simplest business model in the world, bottom line is you're gonna have to do a lot of shit on a regular basis to start getting traction, and seeing results.

It's the nature of the beast I guess, anything worthwhile having is worthwhile working for right?

Anyway, if you've decided to follow a passion of yours and monetise it by solving a burning problem that a lot of people have, you've got several things already going in your favour:

1. It's safe to say you already have a lot of knowledge about your passion, therefore when it comes to teaching others, you're already head and shoulders above the rest, so to speak, plus you don't have to spend a metric fuckton of time getting to know your product and understand your audience.

2. You enjoy it enough that when times do get challenging (and they will), you don't just up and run for the hills. You knuckle down, get through the hard shit and see results.

And this is great, you're in the best position you possibly can be to get your business off the ground and see tangible results in a relatively short period of time.

Goodbye job.
Goodbye arshole boss.
Goodbye daily grind and monotonous living.

But, and there's a big fucking but...

There's a side to this you wish didn't exist, sadly.

What I mean is it isn't always quite so simple, as to choose your passion and run with it as a business. Unfortunately, you still have to validate your idea, and do your due diligence to decide if there's actually a market for what you're selling.

Yeah sure, if you're selling other people's products, life is a bit easier because chances are they've already done the hard work, and they know there's a market for their products and who will buy them.

But selling what YOUR passionate about isn't always that simple.

A mate of mine once had an idea for helping personal trainers get clients, but it bombed.

Not because PT's want or need clients (they really do), but because they're typically hard people to work with and please, plus the market's already saturated with PT business coaches.

He didn't bring anything unique enough to the game, so people ignored him.

The lesson in all this?

Yes, by all means follow your passion as a niche to start an online business in, it could be fucking awesome.

But also understand you need to thoroughly analyse the niche you're planning to get into, and validate that there's a market for what you're gonna sell.

Otherwise it's like trying to sell vegans on a big fat juicy steak. Ain't gonna happen.

Wanna know the quickest and easiest way to validate a business idea?

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