Sometimes It Takes Time

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I just had an interesting experience that I thought would be interesting to share.

So in March this year my Dad had his 50th birthday and as we live in different countries, I wanted to surprise him with a gift. I went out, saved some money and bought a nice gold watch. Added a birthday card to it and sent in out 10 days before the actual birthday.

As days and weeks passed, I realized that the package had not reached my Dad. As the gift was meant to be a surprise, at first I didn't even tell him about it, but then asked if he had received anything. The answer was negative. Then I made an enquiry to my local post office, at first they didn't know, then they realized that the package had been sent back to my country. In the midst of everyday obligations I wasn't able to pick it up from the post office on time. Then they sent it back to the central warehouse.

Then I asked again and finally got the package from my local post office, more than 3 months after first posting it to my Dad. Now I just gotta check if everything inside is okay and post it again. This situation shows that sometimes things may take way more time than we anticipate, but in the end everything still works out. It may also be the case with your online business, at first it's hard to get traction but if you keep working on it and learning new skills every day, it will definitely work out in the end, sooner or later.

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Richard Pulst

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