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Hello Everyone,

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The Great thing about the Six Figure Mentors is that once you undertake a Digital Marketing Education the opportunities that become available to you are endless.

You can promote products and services through Online Advertising, that are not yours, through Affiliate Marketing, for example products on Amazon. You may have you own product or service you wish to promote . You may have a Business you wish to promote. Perhaps you want to become a Coach and teach others Digital Marketing skills or even Start a Consultancy Business.

To be Frank, most small-medium sized business owners don't know much when it comes to promoting their Business Online via Social Media platforms. Having your own Consultancy Business alllows you to target small- medium sized business owners who are looking at increasing revenues by attracting new customers. The beauty is that you are not limited to any industries. Online marketing is applicable to every industry imaginable.

Most small-medium sized business owners are experts in what they specialise in but not interested in learning Digital marketing skills to create Online adverts to promote their Business through Social Media platforms.

This is where your expertise lies as a Digital marketer. You consultancy fee per hour can be quite considerable when you create advertising campaigns for your clients to promote their Businesses Online,

A Digital Education will gain you skills in any Social Media platform of interest that you can master. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Banner Adverts, Google Adword, Bing, Email Marketing. Once you have these skills. That not many people in this world do. You can make a very good living by creating adverts and running campaigns on behalf of your customers.

This is what the Six Figure Mentors is all about. Obtaining an Education so you become a Digital Marketing Expert so you can use your new skills to start a new career.

You may decide to run a consultancy business by going out and dealing with your clients face to face at their work places. This is one option. Or you can simply consult business owners via teleconferencing through Skype or Zoom or other similar platforms. This way if you wish to travel the world and work from anywhere only requiring a laptop and a internet connection you can do so.

How do you find the Clients you might ask ? You have learnt the required skills to promote businesses through Online Advertising. The same applies when promoting your own Consultancy Business. This is what a Digital Education teaches you how to place adverts that target the exact people that would be interested in your services. Its just simple marketing.

I could write about this for days. I'm passionate about this as I have seen how this education changes people's lives. Going from a dead end, boring job to living a life where the work they do has purpose and fulfillment.

Why not start your Digital Education ? You don't need to quit your job. Undertake the Six Figure Mentors around your full -time employment. Once you have the education. Start your own Online Business and continue to do so around Full-time employment. Once you have established your business and your making a good living doing so then you can look at transitioning out of your Full-time employment. If you can find 2 hours a day to undertake a digital education. In 12 months from now your life could look at a lot different to it does today.

Imagine the possibilities working from you laptop everyday wherever you choose to be. What an exciting time we live in. To be part of the Digital economy and have these opportunities that didn't exist 10 years ago. The world is changing. Technology is allowing us to work a completely different way.

As always I'm only an email away. If you have questions, please do reach out to me and I'm more than happy to help in anyway I can.

Mark Panico - Digital Entrepreneur

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