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Who is Stuart Ross? - Stuart Ross Review from Mark Ford, Six Figure Mentors Elite Member

Who is Stuart Ross?

Stuart Ross is your average every day guy who has believed in himself and has managed to achieve a pretty extraordinary life! He loves cars and exotic holidays and lives life on his terms, but his life didn't start out like that. However, it's not a rag to riches story either.

Stuart Ross Review: The Fed Up Estate Agent

undefinedStuart Ross started out in Real Estate back in 2001, as a keen 18 year old, eager to learn, and eager to earn, so he never took no for an answer. As a result of developing his selling prowess and customer focus, he became indispensable at his job, but it meant he worked six solid days a week, never got any time off for holiday, and never got any let up from the stress. Stuart Ross pretty much dropped everything from sport to socialising. He was earning decent money, but after nearly 8 years of working 8am - 7pm, six days a week - he'd had enough. Stuart Ross was fed up with the rat race having no work life balance.

As a result Stuart Ross tried out a franchise opportunity but failed miserably. So he went back to selling real estate. But . . . he continued his search for a much more passive and automated business model.

After several weeks of intense internet browsing he came across all sorts of information and reports on how to make BIG money online without falling back into the trap of trading all his time for money. As a 26 year old burnt out corporate employee, Stuart Ross knew NOTHING about online business or digital marketing, but he needed to make the break from the confinements of employment, working for someone else.

Stuart Ross wanted a way of life that would allow him, not only to earn good money, but most importantly, to give him more freedom to do all the things he wanted to do in life. After plodding through tons of information, Stuart Ross decided the best course of action was to find a mentor who used the most up to date and automated systems available to guide him through the turbulent world of online marketing and passive income opportunities. With the help of his mentor, Stuart Ross was able to learn at an unbelievable rate. What would have taken years to learn, took only months, as he picked up on his mentors' trial and errors; not his! He was able to implement what worked and NOT waste any more time and MONEY on what doesn't work.

Stuart Ross - The Burnt Out Estate Agent To Multi Millionaire Internet Entrepreneur

After investing a lot of time and effort, Stuart Ross built a multi-million dollar business as an affiliate marketer and created a lifestyle living life on his terms with no boss, no commute, no long hours and no more living from pay check to pay check! As an affiliate marketer he focused mainly on selling information products in various markets, including dating, weight loss, muscle gain, social media, quit smoking, gaming, organic foods, weddings, and internet marketing training. In direct sales Stuart Ross focused on travel, personal development, coaching, training, events, mentorship and nutrition products.

Stuart Ross: The New Challenge With The Six Figure Mentors

By 2010, Stuart Ross realised there was more to life than making money hand over fist. He needed a challenge. He needed a new mission. So he reached out to help others, to mentor others, so they too could learn by taking the short cuts he had. Stuart Ross wanted to help others establish financial independence and freedom - so they didn't just dream about it, but they actually achieved it. He established The Six Figure Mentors membership platform at the end of 2010.

undefinedThe Six Figure Mentors (see how it works) delivers expert marketing education and empowerment to entrepreneurs around the globe. The Six Figure Mentors (SFM) is a mentoring platform catering for individuals, entrepreneurs, and small business professionals seeking to increase their effectiveness and results by delivering live, in person, and virtual mentorships in every aspect of entrepreneurism including: Internet/Digital Marketing, Personal Branding, Success Mindset, General Entrepreneurial Skill Sets, Fortune 500 Best Practices in Sales and Business Leadership.

Stuart Ross Review: How Can Stuart Ross Help You?

The Six Figure Mentors has helped thousands of people, just like me and just like you, to earn as they learn and escape the rat race for ever. Stuart Ross can help you build a quality internet business with multiple streams streams of online income.

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