Sunlight In My Life

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A few months ago, while I was going in my bedroom, I saw a sunlight came through the window in a particular angle, and it's reminded me an episode of my infancy. That happened on my grandparent's farm, where I spent many happy childhood days.

In a sunny afternoon, while I and my cousins were playing, my grandma asked me if I could go check my grandpa in the upstairs bedroom because he was gravely ill. At first, I was quite disappointed about having to abandon my mates, but dutiful I obeyed.

When I entered, the room was a bit dark with a sunlight that came through the corner window, then I saw grandpa lying in the bed, half asleep with his tiny head almost lost in the pillow. Even now I remember my grandpa's tired eyes and the strange sensation that was spreading through my entire body. I didn't feel any sorrow, pity or horror because he was so sick and old. I only remember the voice of children outside, and the unnatural silence inside, broken only by his difficult breathing. 

After a time that seemed endless my grandpa asked me to get close, and he whispered in my child's ear something that only after many years I was able to fully understand. He told me with his exhausted voice:

"I'm not afraid to die, I spent more than ninety years in this world, it's time that I'm going to see what's in the other... However, there is one thought that comes into my head, and it won't leave me alone; I have a big regret..."

After these words, he dozed off again.

For a long time, I have thought that it was a pity he couldn't say to me his regret, but now I understand it wasn't that important, what it is really important is the message he left to me:

Do whatever you think is right now, don't put it off. Now is the moment, tomorrow might be too late!

I really don't want to feel any regrets at the end of my life. A few month ago, when I got the opportunity of join SFM, a community of digital entrepreneurs, at first I thought it's not for me. My biggest fear was that at my age, I had been too old for this opportunity, it will be best suitable for the youth... However, mindful of my grandpa's advice, I decided to do it. And guess what? There is not a perfect age to do it, what is really important is the commitment to succeed.

It was really a smart decision, now I have the freedom of doing what I want, where I want only with a laptop and an internet connection. Money is no more a problem thanks to my affiliate membership.

Besides I still learning a lot of good skill in view of opening my own website where soon I will be able to sell my own products.

A digital world is coming, and thankfully I've decided to avoid any future regrets.

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The future is here, don't miss it!


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