The 5 questions you need to ask yourself, starting a online business

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Hi Loves,

When you start an online business and become a new online entrepreneur. 
It normal to feel overwhelmed with questions on topics like how can I provide the right content or how to attract the right audience! As many may know this part is extremely difficult and would take some time to figure out. Along with my journey, I came across very handy questions we can ask ourselves to help us out by finding the right approch.
6monhts ago I joined this online educational program where we have a lot of mentors and fellow member based all around the world, who share their knowledge. "For more on this subject, see my blog post called - Design your dream life, today"
This community helped me so much with figuring out who I am, what my passions are and how I can use them to help others!
The biggest help of clarity I got by attending a webinar that they provide with one of my mentors Danielle Wilson. She went a little deeper than the others by talking about the 5 simple questions we need to ask ourselves to provide better contents and picking the right audience!
This helped me clarify my business plan and I now help others with these exact same question to understand there approach.

As you all may know me by now, I will never leave this to myself so therefore I am sharing this information with you.
Before I do that I wanted to give you the opportunity to meet my mentors and co-founders of this amazing educational program, they made an amazing complimentary video series that will explain to you everything you need to know on what this program can offer you, so you together with all of us also can achieve your life goals!
Yes, I would like to meet them!

Okay, let's have a look at the 5 questions you have to ask yourself to find out who your audience is " your avatar as she calls it";
3: WHERE DO THEY HANG OUT ? "on social media"
Why I believe these 5 questions are crucial, is because when we start making content and implicating these steps, we will have the right focus.
We somehow create a person in our mind with real struggles and needs, it will then not only get so much clearer and easier to provide them the right content but can help you by choosing the right platform on social media.
I am so excited to here which avatar and which platform you have chosen by using these simple steps. Please don't hesitate if you need some help, I wish you a lot of joy in finding your right approach.

As always May God bless you and have an amazing day!

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