The Day That Changed My Life

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Even today I have cold shiver when I think of that day around two years ago: it was the day that changed all my life.

My boss called me into his office and said, without beat the bush, you are fired!

My first thought was: it cannot be true, I'm 53 years old, I've spent 26 years of my life working for this company and now, all of sudden, I was made redundant.

It was like an earthquake, all my certainties destroyed at the same time I was living my boss office. Too young to retire, but too old to find another job. I felt lost and panicked. My retire plan was too short to allow me a decent pension check, therefore the only possibility to survive was, at my age, looking for jobs.

I spent the follow months in search of another job, but it was a fruitless quest. Wherever I went I was among so many people... a few, like me, around fifty, but the majority were young, many of them with a degree, and we were all there for what? Almost always for a short time, low-paid job!

It was a pretty awful period, not only about the absence of a job, but that insecurity pulled the trigger inside my mind towards a feeling of uselessness and solitude. I mean it was the abrupt absence of people around me, and the lack of stimulus that undermined my mind.

Besides all that, I realized that my behavior was getting ghastly. At last, I decided that, first of all, I needed help to heal my mind. Unfortunately, I'm an introvert and a bit stubborn, so instead of asking others for help, I started to read some books on self-improvement, and also I began to listen to some audio of experts that could improve my knowledge, especially regarding my behavior toward others. I did it because I understood that others are the mirror of ourself. People reflect our emotion, our actions, our conducts and they act accordingly. 

Finally, one day, while I was on youtube listening to Tony Robbins, an advertising video cut off his speech... I was annoyed, but when I was right on the verge of wiping out the intruder, the guy's words got my attention: he was explaining how is possible to become a digital entrepreneur with only a laptop and an internet connection.


At first, I thought it cannot be possible, surely this is the usual trick as many on the web, to cheat the unwary user, but something inside of me said: this is the way... this is what you are looking for. My sensations were like when you are trapped inside a tunnel and, when you have lost all the hopes, finally you see a tiny light in front of you, hoping with all your being that this is the end of that terrible dark dream.

It was a life changing moment.

I sent him my e-mail address and he gave me a free video series were the two co-founders explained how the system works. However, the thing that's intrigued me the most was that, while you learn all the necessary skills, you can start making money at the same time.

Today I'm not worried about my future, I have time and freedom of doing my job everywhere and every time thanks to SFM. As you probably already know around 30% of all commercial transactions are made by the internet, and the trend is growing fast. So, give you a chance, push the link below and enter in the future.

Only one last thing: if you decide to join our SFM community, please don't bother me about how better you are at doing the job!


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