The Discipline That Most People Lacks But Successful People Have

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To be honest, discipline is a very hard thing to start. Discipline is one of the common principles that most of us find it hard to achieve when it is voluntary. Why do I think so? Take workout and healthy diet for an example. Let's say there are 100 people that joined the gym in the 1st month, in the course of the next 4 months, around 40% or more of people will leave and only under 20% will achieve their goal within the time frame (source 1 & 2). Now, why is this? The answer is simple, people naturally lack discipline. If a person really wants to get fit and healthy fast, they will make things work and be very strict about the set actions they do within the time frame. A person with discipline will not just ‘try’ to be fit, but make it happen within the time limit. This is what separates most of us, compared to the successful people. They don’t just try, they make things work and be disciplined enough to take action on a daily basis to achieve goals in a limited time frame.


Another key difference between most people and successful people is the parameters of their goals. This can be said on how far sighted or near sighted a person can be on their goals about their lives or motives. Most successful entrepreneurs have both as their arsenal in their journey to success. They will clearly define their short-term goals and long-term goals. The reason why successful people must have both is because goals work in a progressive manner to form a bigger outcome. Short-term goals are needed to define what to achieve in the next month or two that includes a detailed plan on how to get there. Then long-term goals are a series of short-term goals which is never-ending. It is not ideal to just practice one of it because if there are only long-term goals, it will lack specific actions in between that goal. And if it is only short-term goals, a dead end is inevitable. So how do we acquire this discipline? To be honest, you will be disappointed by what I will say next, but please don’t underestimate the amount of burden it will give you just to achieve it. Well, the answer is daily actions. THAT’S IT? Well, it is actually planned daily actions to be exact, actions that will run from day one until the last day of the month and then cycles again which eventually becomes a habit. We can put this in an analogy using dominos. YES DOMINOS! For this example, I’ll use 3 set of colours red being my 1st colour, blue, then green and each set will have 30 dominos which represents as days. The colours represent my short-term goals while as a whole it represents my long-term goal. Now, in my 1st set of dominos, if I were only to work 20 days intentionally excluding the weekends. What do you think will happen if I try to topple my 1st domino. Obviously, it will only affect the first 5 and will not reach the end. Now how am I going to progress effectively to the end of my long-term goal if this is the case? How will an action become a habit if I fail to do it daily?

Lastly, time. Time is equal for all of us, I have 24 hours in my day and so do you. The only question is how you plan using that time and for what purpose. I highly suggest to plan out your short-term and long-term goals starting today! It is more effective if you have the “DO IT NOW” attitude than an “I’ll do it later”. Nothing will ever happen if you don’t put yourself in the line 100%. If you ever want to progress in life mentally and financially, I greatly suggest you study how to become one. You can use this link HERE to learn many things, it is an education platform with great potential, many became successful because of this platform.

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