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The Google Slap - Good and Bad

  The Google Slap

The Google slap – a term christened by Internet marketers seems to have become a sort of generic term covering numerous advertising platforms. I got one yesterday from Google’s little brother Youtube. I’ll explain why that happened and why I actually think it’s a good thing in the long run.

When the Google slap first occurred it was a fearful thing. Basically it shut down the adwords accounts of many an internet marketer. Without warning, the big G decided it didn’t like their landing pages, ad copy or various other things. Sadly for many marketers who had relied on the Google Adwords platform for most or all of their traffic, this was very, very bad news.

The original Google slap was probably the end of dirt cheap, anything goes advertising – at least on the biggest platform in the world. But really it was part of a chain reaction caused by the rapid growth of the internet and the behemoth that Google quickly became. Since then many other big players in the online advertising industry have followed suit. Facebook in recent years has issued similar slaps and now it looks like Youtube (now owned by Google) is getting more serious about compliance. How you view this as a marketer depends a lot on whether your cup is half empty or half full.

Google Slap - Is Your Cup Half Empty Or Half Full?

Pessimists will focus on the hike in prices for competitive keywords and the hurdles that now have to be jumped in order to be compliant. Optimists will realise that these slaps basically make the internet a cleaner place: Because in fact they make Google, Facebook and Youtube less competitive for those promoting wholesome, quality goods and services.

Those just coming into the internet marketing industry or just starting to use these ad platforms don’t know how things used to be so just do what they need to do. My Google slap – or Youtube slap –came when 2 of my videos were removed. Why? Well I’d followed some advice I received about a year ago, which was sound at the time. I had added my chosen keyword tags for the videos in the description area as well as in the space provided for tags in the Youtube platform: This is now considered spammy by Google they say.

See the full message below.

the google slap

I did as they advised and spent Sunday morning trawling through the 150ish videos on my channel and fixing any offenders accordingly. Luckily I’d only done this on 20 or so. Not sure why they had only chosen two – but better safe than sorry.

I’m also not sure what they mean about comments – over which I have no control other than to publish them or not and to respond to them or not. My policy has been to allow them and to respond – I may have to review this policy. So for me this has been a fairly gentle Google slap. I’ve lost 2 videos and their accumulated views and comments – I don’t store videos for long as they take up a lot of space. Again I may have to review this policy too. I can re-so them easily enough but both will be starting from scratch – one had 1000 or so views.

Avoiding and Working Around The Google Slap

Why do I see this as basically good? Well as I said at the top, it’s evidence of the clean up going on in the internet. If people know that advertisers are being closely scrutinised they have more confidence in the goods and services being promoted.

Big players like Google, Facebook and Youtube are themselves closely monitored by governments so these slaps are in everyone’s interest. The second reason from a personal point of view is that being forced to go back through screeds of videos can only be a good thing. I realised that I can optimise a lot of older videos much better. Since recording some of them features like cards and annotations have arrived. I’ve also got more experienced so can improve on the descriptions and tags in older videos.

If you are currently marketing online or are looking to start it’s wise to be clued up on how to avoid the Google slap. Being part of a bleeding edge training company with it’s own world wide community of internet entrepreneurs is invaluable in this respect. I’m referring to the SFM (Six Figure Mentors) and DEA (Digital Experts Academy).  Find out more about them by clicking the banner below and signing up for their free introductory video training series.

the google slap