The secrets of wealth - how to...

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I love the development of myself and are curious about everything that can make my life more interesting and give me more fulfillment.

My journey started, of course when I was born, but I got a wake-up 6 years ago. What was the meaning of life? How can I be happier in my life, get more fulfillment and more wealth? I started reading another kind of books and went to a lot of seminars with famous people who succeeded in life. Here is a list of people as well as their books that I came into contact with since then, and that makes my life now completely changing in a positive way. In my upcoming blog posts, I will let you know a lot from what I have learned from these guys :-).

  • Tony Robbins
  • T.Harv Eker
  • Robert Kiyosaki
  • John Kehoe
  • Napoleon Hill
  • Courtney Smith
  • Stuart Ross

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