The Six Ghosts of Fear – And how to overcome them

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The Six Ghosts of Fear – And how to overcome them

 “Every adversity, every failure and every heartache carries with it the seed of an equivalent or a greater benefit.” Napoleon Hill

At the early age of 30 I thought that I had come a long way in developing my ‘self’. I have gotten over a lot of my sh*t in the past few years, shed a lot of baggage that I carried in my 20’s and generally feel lighter and more clear headed than I have ever felt in my life.

I am happy. Yet, I long to be free. I long to work for myself and work from anywhere in the world. These two ‘ideals’ are my current obsession and I don’t think I have ever wanted something more in my existence.


After much delay (procrastination in making a decision to start...yes...fear) I eventually joined an online community learning digital marketing and a proven system to free myself from the rat race. Yes, it is legit. No, it is not a scam. Yes it can change my life and already has started to… but … FEAR.

We all have it, it always comes from somewhere whether that’s your past or a belief system about your present or future; fear lurks inside each and every one of us. The amount of fear I am holding inside of myself, that has been brought to my attention through this training is pretty mind blowing.

A person becomes what they are through the dominating thoughts in their head and the desires that they hold in their heart. Fear will arise in all of us but the way that we handle and overcome this fear will determine the quality of our lives and realization of our dreams. Fears are nothing more than states of mind. Fears are stories we tell ourselves.

undefinedIn life we experience two types of fear; real fear and psychological fear – or ego fear. Eckhart Tolle calls this psychological fear ‘the voice in our head’.  “It isn’t who you really are but who you think you are”.

The six basic psychological fears

1.     The fear of poverty

2.     The fear of criticism

3.     The fear of ill health

4.     The fear of the loss of love

5.     The fear of old age

6.     The fear of death

Fear can and will

1.     Paralyze you into a state of non-action

2.     Kill creativity and reason

3.     Destroy accurate thinking and imagination

4.     Wipe out all enthusiasm

5.     Turn will-power into nothingness

6.     Cloud the memory and invite failure in all forms 

How to overcome fear

Real fear is required to keep us safe from any threats in our daily life. It is a flight or fight response required to keep us alive and it is as strong as it is thanks to hundreds of thousands of years of evolutionary history. This type of fear is essential to life.

Psychological fear is not. It will create monsters in our heads and cause us to develop certain attitudes and debilitating belief systems. Here are a few ways to start to overcome that is holding you back;

  • Know the difference between psychological fear and a threat - first and foremost it needs to be recognized
  •  Pay attention to this mental noise – As soon as you start to hear those voices in your head, stop … stop and listen. Listen to the voices and notice the reactions and emotions that they create within you. You will begin to notice patterns.
  • Do not punish yourself or judge yourself for thinking these thoughts and feeling these feelings. Do not try to rid yourself of them. Just recognize them for what they are.
  • Recognize fear in its other form – Worry. Worry is the twin sibling of fear. It may be more socially acceptable and easier to talk about but it is just as toxic.
  • Avoidance. Most people try to deal with fear by avoiding situations or activities that evoke this feeling. Avoidance unfortunately will never allow you to overcome any of your fears. Moreover when you avoid something that scares you, you will inevitably feel a sense of failure.
  • You need to feel the fear … recognize it for what it is. Every time you avoid doing something because of fear your sense of failure within gains strength while you lose some.
  • Get control of your imagination. Your thoughts create your feelings and your feelings create your actions. Fear and anxiety will thrive when we allow our imaginations to thrive and for those stories to run wild. Most highly successful people learn how to use their thoughts and control their thinking.
  • It takes practice. With repeated exposure to any area of life that scares you eventually the fear starts to fade. It just does. Remember when you first learnt how to drive? It felt like 1000 different things were going on at once. Sweat, panic, nervous tension the entire time you had to drive anywhere. As time went by it became second nature and your confidence soured. Fear in any area of life is the same. It takes practice, time, dedication.


Fear and self doubt dwells within us all. We all have tremendous potential and we all have self doubt. Courage makes all the difference in leading a fulfilling and successful life.

One of the biggest lessons that I have learnt in my first few months of setting up an online business; the ‘work’ required is not necessarily difficult but the mastering of my thoughts and overcoming my ‘fears’ has been some of the most challenging work that I have ever done.

Like I said in the beginning, I thought that I was a pretty confident and fearless person before I started. As soon as I was asked to step outside of my comfort zone and think as big as my deepest dreams allow (So many of my dreams I have hidden away due to this belief system that I need to be ‘realistic’ – I am slowly breaking out of that) fear set in.

It is hard yet it will be the most rewarding and important work you will do in your life. Each little step counts. Writing and publishing this is a step for me. There are so many changes taking places now and ahead in our world, and self-growth, educating yourself and stepping outside of the areas where you feel comfortable will allow you to see that future of change through a lens of excitement, not dread.


I am a part of an incredible community of online athletes, banking in on global change but most importantly living lives of total freedom and fulfillment. Self made millionaire mentors sharing their exact formula to success and blueprints to change your life.

My journey started with one click, on a link similar to the below. We are pretty keen on working with like minded people and therefore how it begins is sending you a series of 7 free video trainings. This is FREE and requires no commitment from you except a little spare time to watch and absorb.

Once you have received and gone through the 7 videos created by the company founders you will make a decision on whether this opportunity is right for you and your life.

Have an incredible day



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