Tired of ‘figuring out’ your purpose? Try this instead.

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Want to know one of the BIGGEST LIES we could ever subscribe to?

When I figure out my purpose, THEN I’ll become a leader…

When I figure out my purpose, THEN I’ll become successful…

When I figure out my purpose, THEN I’ll start sharing my ideas and making an impact on the world…                        

This whole notion of ‘figuring out our your purpose’ is very seductive – because it makes sense right? I mean surely, knowing your purpose is the most important thing to nail if you want to choose a new path and be successful at it?

Well, I’m here to tell you it’s a trap. And I can say that with authority, because I have written and re-written purpose statements. I’ve read the books, I’ve taken the courses.                                        

I was expecting light bulb moments, like nailing my purpose down before I took any action would somehow magically catapult me into a new sphere of amazingness.                                      

Well, that strategy didn’t work out for me. And because of that, I started to doubt whether I even I had a purpose. That idea bummed me out. So what did I do?

I bought another book, read another blog, watched another YouTube clip.

In the blink of an eye, 5 years passed with nothing significant changing outwardly in my life – because I had still not 'found the purpose' that was going to change everything.

Then one day a mentor told me something that completely flipped a switch for me.

When I am a leader, my purpose is revealed.

This is soooo important to consider. It was the one distinction that actually propelled me to start the incredible business journey I am now on.

I realised I had to be ACTIVE in sharing myself with the world, accepting myself as I am, right now. I had to TRUST that this would impact the people around me, sometimes in ways that I might never even know about.

Now you might ask – ‘How can I be a leader, if I don’t know WHY I’m leading in the first place? How can I choose from all the options on life’s smorgasbord if I don’t have a clear purpose?’

Let me help you get the ball rolling here. If your new business idea was a vehicle then all you need to start it is a little bit of fuel.

Get out a pen and paper right now - and truthfully answer these three questions:

(I’ve included my own answers below)

1. What excites your heart?

Me: Being able to relate authentically with others and speak about things that align with the truth of who we are, which is all love and possibility.

2. What are your natural gifts?

Me: Humour, speaking and writing.

3. What’s your vulnerability?

Me: Going through life feeling unseen, like I don’t matter or can’t make a difference. I don’t want to feel like this anymore and I don’t want others to feel like this either.


Got your answers?

Now fully own them and share them with the world. Tell your sibling, stick it on Facebook. Post them in the comments!

You are now officially a leader.

Rinse and repeat, tomorrow, next week and next year.

These 3 answers when infused together act as the fuel that propels your chosen vehicle whether it’s a new business, relationship or creative project.

You don't need a purpose. You just need some fuel. 

Don’t have a vehicle? Neither did I. I just started my business 3 months ago, and it has single handedly been the biggest catalyst in my growth as a leader, and given me the courage and desire to share my gifts and heart with the world.

I was willing to be uncomfortable and I was willing to try something new, because I had a TON of fuel.

Just find any outlet that seems half interesting to you and bring your fuel! SHOW UP and take the action. No more sitting around and waiting for your purpose to magically drop into your head.

You have all the information you need - now start showing up ok? You got this.

Love Karena


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