Become A Jolly Swagman- Digital Nomadic Entrepreneur

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Become A Jolly Swagman- Turn ANY Interest Into an Online Income

You’re About to Find Out What it Means to Be A Jolly Swagman…And With it a Whole New Possibility! Below Will Outline WHAT it Means to Be a Swagman and HOW to Travel and Work ( or Quite Literally, Work from Home or Anywhere in the World) While Generating Income Online by Starting a Serious Online Business.

Consider How an Online Business Could Literally Change You’re Life! ( Success Stories ) The Digital Economy is Sky Rocketing ( 554 Billion Dollar Annual Industry – 2019) and The Traditional World is Struggling to Keep Up! How Much Time Would you Devote to this Idea of Geographical, Time and Financial Freedom if You Could Make this Work or if SOMEONE Would Just Show you How!.. 

You WILL Learn How to Turn ANY Interest Into an Online Income Stream, Through Proven Business Systems That For Most People Remain A Mystery…

What Would This Flexibility In Your Life Mean To You and Your Family?

You Can Reach MILLIONS of People With a Single Marketing Campaign!.. Compare that to a Flyer Drop For a Traditional Local Business!

At The End of This Page You Will Be Offered A Serious Opportunity That Will Require Commitment to Succeed! To Join The Rank of Digital Entrepreneurs! Watch the Free Video Training Series Before Making up Your Mind or Brushing Off this Opportunity. You Won’t Regret it… I Certainly Didn’t, Even though I Had no Previous Experience Online or even in Marketing! And Literally No or Almost no Startup Funds!

You’ve Seriously got nothing to Lose by Considering This..

Iv’e Done My Part-The Rest is Up to You!

Read On and Find Out More Or…….

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The Proposition

Imagine Breaking Free from Traditional Bonds that Conform and Confine you, into a Life Where Real Freedom and Growth is the Natural State.

If you’re like me, and Although Work has it’s Rewards, the Demands and Sacrifice on Time and Energy have kept you away from Becoming and Experiencing who you Truly are and Want to be…Then let me Introduce you to a Swagman’s lot!

What is a Swagman?

A Jolly Swagman

Being born in Australia, we have an Old Tradition of Swagman…Essentially a working man or woman who was not tied by Geographical Bonds, but Travelled freely over the land, Finding work and Providing services for those In need.

Of course Times Have Changed, and Therefore the need to Redefine what it means to be a Swagman/woman is Essential..

Is it Possible to Travel and Make a Living?

A lot has changed since the Globe was Connected via the Internet and the Ability to Earn a Substantial Living through the World Wide Web has never held so much Opportunity..!

The Real Reality of working a Few Hours a Day, through Targeted and Focused Work, has begun to Shift from ‘Dreamer’ into the ‘Dream’…Whether Travel Excites you, Unbound by a Location either local, national or international, or simply More Time and Freedom for your Family and Interests.

Life can be more about Living with Intention than just ‘Getting it Done’…Which we all can relate to!

In an Endeavour to Establish what it means to be a ‘Swagman’ in these Times, Exploring Platforms Targeted Mainly at Providing a Way For Sustainable Travel (Within Australia Mostly) and Earn an Income to Support that Lifestyle, I Discovered the Wave of the Digital Economy which was previously Unknown to me, and the Six Figure Mentors.

Who are the Six Figure Mentors?

The Platform at SFM(Six Figure Mentors) Provides Insightful Knowledge and Relevant Skill Set Towards Succeeding in the Online Space. Guidance Through a Step by Step Linear Module setup Ensures a Growing and Sustaining Profitable Laptop Lifestyle.

Not to mention the Huge community of REAL Professional Automated and Personal help…

You Will Be Guided in Setting up a Website, and Establishing Cash Flow while you Learn Affiliate Marketing. You will be Encouraged to Define and Create according to your Interest and Passions and Develop a Lifestyle which will Enable your Greater Fulfilment..

How Does Digital Economy Provide the Answer?


Apart from Opening your Eyes to the Actual Opportunity on the Internet, (which is VAST).. SFM Provides a Structure and Process that Absolutely ANYBODY can Follow and Make Money, (Provided of course they are willing to Invest in Themselves to Make it a Reality).

I’ve chosen to Align myself with SFM as they are Making a Swagman Jolly and a Jolly Swagman Possible on a Whole New Level! If you’re Interested in Reaching for The Dream, the SFM Program Will not only Help you Create a Profitable Online Business, but Most Importantly, a Lifestyle in Alignment with your True Purpose.

Check out the Free Video Training from Stuart, (Co-Founder of SFM)To See if this Could be the Right Fit for You! – And To Find Out If I’m Pulling Your Leg or Not!- Which I’m Not!!

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I’m Really Excited and I Hope You Join Me in This Lifestyle and on This Journey!

See you on the Road!! Wherever that may be…!! And a Pleasure to Be of Service.

Please Contact me If You Have Any Enquiries at all,


A jolly Swagman,


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