Travelling With Kids

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Thinking  of Travelling with Kids?

Good News is, it's a Great Idea!

It Was the Best Decision WE Ever Made as  a Family.


  • Get Valuable Time with Your Children and Grow Bond
  • Kids Learn and Get Amazing Life Experience and Outlook
  • Experience More of the 'Joys' of being a Parent
  • Happy Memories

I'll Touch on These a Little Bit Later but First Here's a Glimpse of Our Experience

A Bit of Our Story

When Our Son was 2 Years Old, we Purchased a Mazda t3000 Converted Motorhome Bus and Travelled over 6000 kms Up and Down the East Coast of Australia!

We were on a Tight Budget and we Travelled for Perhaps 4-5 months and THAT Journey was Invaluable and Incalculable in Time.

We Made it Happen

We Didn't have A Lot of Money Yet From the Fertile Imagination of Jos,  We Conceived an Idea that Might Work.

We Played Music Together  but we Couldn't very well be Doing Gigs when we had a 2 yr old..or Could We?

We Contacted Campgrounds all up the East Coast, Across Three Vast States, and Offered our Proposition..

'We will Play Music at Your Campground for Free Stay. we had our own gear, Owen could be Supervised in a Safe Area, and to be Honest, we played a lot of Gigs from the Playgrounds of Campgrounds!

And It Worked!........


Define Valuable Time

When you Think of Valuable Time, well , Travelling with Kids is the the Epitome of Value.  You are out of your Everyday Routine and On Even Playing Ground with your Kids.

That might Sound Scary but let me Reassure you Its For the Best.  Everything's a New Experience, with Plenty to See and Do Together,  Good Times flow Naturally-All Day..


How is it Beneficial for Kids

Our Boy Owen is Now 7 yrs old and That Time is Embedded in Him Even Though he Was So Young at the Time! It Established Strong Bonds Between Us All and Helped Develop our Son into a Strong, Adventurous, Open Minded Kid that i Wouldn't Trade for Anything.

The Question to Ask Yourself's is Not If We Can Go Travelling With our Kids BUT When.

Joys and memories

Don't these Photos Speak for Themselves!


What Would I Change if we Had our Time Again

Truth is We Do Have That Time Again Because he is Still only 7 and we are Planning More Travels.

The ONE Thing we are Doing This Time in Preparation Is Setting Ourselves Up With an Online Business That Can Make our Travelling Sustainable and Increase the Duration of our Trip Indefinitely..

This Blog I'm Now Sharing with you Is Now Our Business and Means for Perpetual Travel ( If We Wish)!

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It Enables you Geographical Freedom and in the Financial Game- the Sky is the Limit.

It Literally can Transform your Life. Compared to Working a Traditional Job I Would Say the Difference is Vast!

Where to Start Though?

Fortunately, and Please Take my Word, I Don't Say That Lightly, If You Are Serious about Creating Geographical Freedom or Even a Hugely Profitable Business. Whatever Your Reasons Are, I Can Say in All Sincerity, Like Honestly, I'm Not a Sales Person, BUT,  I've Got You Covered.

My journey Into the Digital Economy

Lets Make Something Clear.

I'm Not a Hugely Successful Online Entrepreneur  Telling You That You Can Do What I Did.

I Am, However, Somebody in a Position of Having Direct Experience that can Tell You that After Only ONE Month Through the SFM Process and Education, I Am Confident No Matter Where I Am in the World, As Long as I Have a Laptop and an Internet Connection , I Can Make an Income.

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I'm Not Even Going to Bother Trying to Explain what this Incredible Opportunity is, Instead I'm Going to Let Stuart Do It, the Co Founder of Six Figure Mentors.

See You On the Road! or Perhaps Even Online!

All The Best!


A Jolly Swagman


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