How understanding the Law of Attraction helped me change my life

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You know these people you see sometimes thinking they have it all figured out? It seems like they have everything they want. The great relationship, the money, the house, the health and on top of this, they seem to be truly happy... even worse... it's like they work half the time you work. I bet you have met at least one person like this in your life. Or seen it on TV.

Well guess what? They don't have anything special. It's not because they're lucky, born in the right family (often it's more the other way round) or because they have a pretty face. However, they do have one thing you probably don't have (and neither did I). They understand the Law Of Attraction (LOA).

What on earth is this LOA?

You may ask (and nope, it's no woo-woo stuff!) The first time I came across it was just after deciding to quit corporate. Funny how things come into your life when you're actually ready for it. According to me this LOA is something we should learn in kinder garden. But if people would be aware of it, it could be an issue to the way our system and our society work. Because aren't told that life is suppose to be hard? And the LOA tells you the opposite. What you think you attract. Everything is energy, meaning everything vibrates at a certain frequency. The higher your frequency, ie the better you feel, the more you'll attract what you want in your life.

How does it works?

You probably have had these days when you feel like the best idea would have been to stay in bed because everything went wrong from the moment you got out of bed? And some other days, when you feel great, things seem to just flow? That is basically the LOA at its best. This law is as real as the Law of Gravity. We're just not aware of it. And to be able to use it takes practice because it's kind of opposite to the way we're used to think. So we really have to rewire our brain in order to start thinking and feeling in a new way. And that's something you can totally do. It takes practice, on a daily basis but it is so worth it!

Practice, practice, practice

Yep, I'm not going to lie to you. That really is all it takes. Listen to Abraham Hicks (you find loads of her videos on YouTube) and immerse yourself into this. I try to listen to one episode every day. What is really interesting is that depending on where you're at in your life, you'll pick something new each time. Sometimes you'll get "aha" moments and it's like something unlock in your head. It's a great feeling.

How does it help me into my journey of becoming an entrepreneur

Understanding how it works, being surrounded by people who know about it, who apply it and who are successful is the main reason. Because it has given me this faith you need to have when you take that path. Being an entrepreneur means you don't know where you're going. I mean you don't have facts and nothing is certain. Which is something you're not used to when you come from corporate. You have to know what you want and have faith in yourself that you'll get there. That's when understanding this LOA and applying it helps you. It supports you on your journey.

What will you gain from it

To summarise, when you switch from corporate to the entrepreneurial life, you're going to need to reprogram your brain. The way you think is going to have to change. And that, believe me, truly is for the best. It's going to build your self-confidence, you're going to start seeing things in a more positive way. You're also going to see that you start attracting different type of people. People you connect with on a deeper level. It's like finding your place finally.

I really am more and more in love with my entrepreneurial life. I know myself better each day. It's a self-discovery journey that is addictive. And all this also happens because I am surrounded by the right people. This truly is crucial. After having spent a year trying different things on my own, I wish I had found this community and platform earlier. But hey, everything happens for a reason and I probably wasn't ready at the time!



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