Unleash your inner entrepreneur

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Evolution of internet  

Its easy to fall into a cycle of trading time for Money. In the UK there is less than 10% of the population is making their full time earnings online. But in the everchanging world we live in WHY IS THIS? Many of us are restricted by other peoples work structures; in corporate businesses. Although we may have an entrepreneurial mindset withoutknowing it; as an employee, there is no incentive to unleash your inner entrepreneur

The Society that we live in has evolvolved to have the internet be a bigger part of our lives than ever before. We do clothes shopping online, food shopping online, we even use the internet to help us buy huge assests like houses and cars. We use The internet our occupational carrers too. But just not to make money on our own. 

One of the reasons that the percentage of people who make their living online is so low is becasue of the feeling of security... or rather lack of. The tradional 9-5 work routine that I used to be a part of provideds a clear indication of not only how much you're earning, but how much youre likely to earn in the future. 

People love to have the security of a dependable wage that can be relied upon. In contrast, diving into the 'unknown' world of making an income online is seen as risky. This is one of the reasons why less than 10% of the population earn their living online. However a dependable laptop lifestyle is in closer reaching distance than most people think.. 

Unleashing your inner entrepreneur 

To a lot of people the world 'entrepreneur' carries a heavy meaning that could been seen as unreachable. Maybe even assosiced with poeople like Bill Gates and Alan Sugar with a lifetime of work under their belts. However in todays day and age, intetrnet marketing provides a new platform to work on. It's achievable for people with very little or no business experince, like myslef, to unleash your inner entrepreneur. 

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