Wake Up Call

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Realize Life

I have come to realize that by the time I learn the lessons life has in store for me, that seem to, make me feel I have it all figured out, or at least have gained some wisdom, the realization that

Wisdom is not always smart and life is not the only teacher

becomes very apparent.

By: Cindy Banning


I now realize that trying to “Save” enough to comfortably survive in my older years is not the best plan I can apply my efforts to.
To many times we give up too soon on following a dream or a lifestyle we want because don’t have the time.
But we all make time to go work our lives away for no return on investment of that time.

When it comes to finding time to HAVE time, we give up.

As we age, the reality of change is undeniable, yet we continue to do the same thing day after day expecting a different result


“It’s all up to you”

“We make our own reality”

“Follow your dreams”

“Never give up”


We already do so much <or> we are satisfied with the status quo and we will deal with the future in the future.


Wake up Call




Do you ever daydream and wonder what would be different in your life if you had invested even 10 hours a week towards something that would, by now, be providing a comfortable income?

Even a nice “Extra Income” now? 

We only regret the chances we DIDN’T take, not the ones we did



Now ask yourself:

What WILL be different in my life 5 years from NOW when I commit to investing as little as 10 hours a week to my Future Independence?

Investing MY TIME in ME and developing something that I am in control of.

Making MYSELF the boss of my future and producing a nice income or, a nice “extra income” 5 years from now.

These kinds of questions will lead to Motivation and Clarity.

 Clarity in how you see your life 5+ years down the road because of time you are willing to Invest Now to have

Time later



In that 5 years not only will you learn skills to do just that, but also skills to digitally market anything for anyone.

(5 years is only an arbitrary number. Do it in less, it is all up to you!!)

When you go to school and invest your time in a new skill it is a marathon of sorts. Not a sprint.

SFM is the same

A learning opportunity that will continuously give you up to date information for you to utilize and grow your skills to expand your options. 


By improving your skills for your current trade or job that will advance your understanding of the way digital marketing works and the opportunities it opens equals



OPEN ALL the doors!!!!

If you believe in you, want more TIME, more FREEDOM and more MONEY then DON’T STOP now.



 I am grateful every day that Mark and I chose to “Not Stop”.

We clicked on a video that seemed to be like every other offer we had ever checked out.

In our quest to find something we could make an income at while we worked, market our own product or help anyone else market theirs we found

SFM (Six Figure Mentors)


What we REALLY appreciated was the opportunity to check out what they were about at

No Cost to Us.


With all of the Income Generating Opportunities SFM provides, it was an absolute no-brainer to pursue the 


*Support that responds and really helps 

*Unlimited tools and information 

*Skills we can utilize in unlimited ways




We have no problem working hard for what we want, especially when it is a

Real life

Learning and Income Generating Opportunity


We found a community that is excited to support us, teach us and provides a direction if we were not sure of one yet.


To say it is a WIN, WIN, opportunity, is putting it way too mildly.


 The sky is the limit with the SKILLS they will teach you and make available for you to explore.


All you need to do is

Commit to YOU

 Commit to what you want

And go get it!







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